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2017_Ueberschaar_etal.PDF.jpg2017Assessment of element-specific recycling efficiency in WEEE pre-processingUeberschaar, Maximilian; Geiping, Julia; Zamzow, Malte; Flamme, Sabine; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
2017_Ueberschaar et al.PDF.jpg2017Challenges for critical raw material recovery from WEEEUeberschaar, Maximilian; Otto, Sarah Julie; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
resources-08-00132.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019Characterizing the Urban Mine—Challenges of Simplified Chemical Analysis of Anthropogenic Mineral ResiduesMählitz, Paul Martin; Løvik, Amund N.; Figi, Renato; Schreiner, Claudia; Kuntz, Claudia; Korf, Nathalie; Rösslein, Matthias; Wäger, Patrick; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
recycling-05-00019-v2.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2020Characterizing the Urban Mine—Simulation-Based Optimization of Sampling Approaches for Built-in Batteries in WEEEMählitz, Paul Martin; Korf, Nathalie; Sperlich, Kristine; Münch, Olivier; Rösslein, Matthias; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
energies-14-02561-v2.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2021Co-Digestion of Rice Straw with Cow Manure in an Innovative Temperature Phased Anaerobic Digestion Technology: Performance Evaluation and Trace ElementsMuhayodin, Furqan; Fritze, Albrecht; Larsen, Oliver Christopher; Spahr, Marcel; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
Chancerel_et_at_2013.pdf.jpg2013Data availability and the need for research to localize, quantify and recycle critical metals in information technology, telecommunication and consumer equipmentChancerel, Perrine; Rotter, Vera Susanne; Ueberschaar, Maximilian; Marwede, Max; Nissen, Nils F.; Lang, Klaus-Dieter-
2015_Ueberschaar_Rotter.pdf.jpg2015Enabling the recycling of rare earth elements through product design and trend analyses of hard disk drivesUeberschaar, Maximilian; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
Kaazke_et_al_2013.pdf.jpg2013Environmental evaluation of waste treatment scenarios for the towns Khanty-Mansiysk and Surgut, RussiaKaazke, Julia; Meneses, Montse; Wilke, Berndt-Michael; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
sustainability-13-11568-v2.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2021Mass Balance of C, Nutrients, and Mineralization of Nitrogen during Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Rice Straw with Cow ManureMuhayodin, Furqan; Fritze, Albrecht; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
recycling-03-00007.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2018Material Implications of Rural Electrification—A Methodological Framework to Assess In-Use Stocks of Off-Grid Solar Products and EEE in Rural Households in BangladeshBatteiger, Alexander; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
2017_ueberschaar_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Potential and recycling strategies for LCD panels from WEEEUeberschaar, Maximilian; Schlummer, Martin; Jalalpoor, Daniel; Kaup, Nora; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
2017_Ueberschaar_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Potentials and Barriers for Tantalum Recovery from Waste Electric and Electronic EquipmentUeberschaar, Maximilian; Jalalpoor, Daniel Dariusch; Korf, Nathalie; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
agriculture-08-00031.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2018Recycling Improves Soil Fertility Management in Smallholdings in TanzaniaKrause, Ariane; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
processes-09-00473-v2.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2021A Review of Composting Process Models of Organic Solid Waste with a Focus on the Fates of C, N, P, and KYang, Zheng; Muhayodin, Furqan; Larsen, Oliver Christopher; Miao, Hong; Xue, Bing; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
applsci-10-02047-v2.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2020A Review on the Fate of Nutrients and Enhancement of Energy Recovery from Rice Straw through Anaerobic DigestionMuhayodin, Furqan; Fritze, Albrecht; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
Chancerel_et_at_2011.pdf.jpg2011Status of pre-processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Germany and its influence on the recovery of goldChancerel, Perrine; Bolland, Til; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
Rotter_2011.pdf.jpg2011Waste management and producer responsibility: a score behind - a new aheadRotter, Vera Susanne-
10.1007%2Fs10163-017-0586-4.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2017Waste prevention for sustainable resource and waste managementSakai, Shin-ichi; Yano, Yasuhiro; Asari, Misuzu; Yanagawa, Ritsuki; Matsuda, Takeshi; Yoshida, Hideto; Yamada, Tetsuji; Kajiwara, Natsuko; Suzuki, Go; Kunisue, Tatsuya; Takahashi, Shin; Tomoda, Keijiro; Wuttke, Joachim; Mählitz, Paul; Rotter, Vera Susanne; Grosso, Mario; Astrup, Thomas Fruergaard; Cleary, Julian; Oh, Gil-Jong; Liu, Lili; Li, Jinhui; Ma, Hwong-wen; Chi, Ngo Kim; Moore, Stephen-
2020WEEE Batteries - Sampling dataMählitz, Paul Martin; Korf, Nathalie; Münch, Olivier; Sperlich, Kristine; Rösslein, Matthias; Rotter, Vera Susanne-