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2016ACT-DroidDörr, Lisa-Madeleine; Russwinkel, Nele; Prezenski, Sabine-
fpsyg-08-01335-g0001.tif.jpg4-Aug-2017A Cognitive Modeling Approach to Strategy Formation in Dynamic Decision MakingPrezenski, Sabine; Brechmann, André; Wolff, Susann; Russwinkel, Nele-
20-Jul-2018Comparing Models of Visual Search in Heterogeneous Search FieldsLindner, Stefan; Arlt, Lennart; Russwinkel, Nele-
Scharfe-Scherf_Russwinkel_2021.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2021Familiarity and Complexity during a Takeover in Highly Automated DrivingScharfe-Scherf, Marlene Susanne Lisa; Russwinkel, Nele-
information-11-00115-v2.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2020The Impact of Situational Complexity and Familiarity on Takeover Quality in Uncritical Highly Automated Driving ScenariosScharfe, Marlene Susanne Lisa; Zeeb, Kathrin; Russwinkel, Nele-
Klaproth_etal_Neuroadaptive_2020.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2020A neuroadaptive cognitive model for dealing with uncertainty in tracing pilots' cognitive stateKlaproth, Oliver W.; Halbrügge, Marc; Krol, Laurens R.; Vernaleken, Christoph; Zander, Thorsten O.; Russwinkel, Nele-
halbruegge_russwinkel_iccm2016.pdf.jpg2016The sum of two models: how a composite model explains unexpected user behavior in a dual-task scenarioHalbrügge, Marc; Russwinkel, Nele-
Lotz_etal_2020.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2020Take-over expectation and criticality in Level 3 automated driving: a test track study on take-over behavior in semi-trucksLotz, Alexander; Russwinkel, Nele; Wohlfarth, Enrico-
2016Towards a General Model of Repeated App UsagePrezenski, Sabine; Russwinkel, Nele-
fnins-14-00795.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2020Tracing Pilots’ Situation Assessment by Neuroadaptive Cognitive ModelingKlaproth, Oliver W.; Vernaleken, Christoph; Krol, Laurens R.; Halbruegge, Marc; Zander, Thorsten O.; Russwinkel, Nele-