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salchow-hoemmen_christina.pdf.jpg2020Adaptive hand neuroprosthesis using inertial sensors for real-time motion trackingSalchow-Hömmen, Christina-
jcm-10-05464-v2.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2021Algorithms for Automated Calibration of Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation to Facilitate Clinical ApplicationsSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Schauer, Thomas; Müller, Philipp; Kühn, Andrea A.; Hofstoetter, Ursula S.; Wenger, Nikolaus-
Salchow_etal_2017.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2017Intention recognition for FES in a grasp-and-release task using volitional EMG and inertial sensorsSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Dorn, Andreas; Valtin, Markus; Schauer, Thomas-
Valtin_etal_2017.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2017Modular finger and hand motion capturing system based on inertial and magnetic sensorsValtin, Markus; Salchow-Hömmen, Christina; Seel, Thomas; Laidig, Daniel; Schauer, Thomas-
Salchow_etal_2016.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2016A new semi-automatic approach to find suitable virtual electrodes in arrays using an interpolation strategySalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Valtin, Markus; Seel, Thomas; Schauer, Thomas-
fneur-12-720516.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2021Real-Time Detection of Freezing Motions in Parkinson's Patients for Adaptive Gait Phase Synchronous CueingDvorani, Ardit; Waldheim, Vivian; Jochner, Magdalena C. E.; Salchow-Hömmen, Christina; Meyer-Ohle, Jonas; Kühn, Andrea A.; Wenger, Nikolaus; Schauer, Thomas-
fnhum-16-768575.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2022Review—Emerging Portable Technologies for Gait Analysis in Neurological DisordersSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Skrobot, Matej; Jochner, Magdalena C. E.; Schauer, Thomas; Kühn, Andrea A.; Wenger, Nikolaus-
sensors-19-00208-v2.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2019A Tangible Solution for Hand Motion Tracking in Clinical ApplicationsSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Callies, Leonie; Laidig, Daniel; Valtin, Markus; Schauer, Thomas; Seel, Thomas-
s12984-018-0460-1.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2018User-centered practicability analysis of two identification strategies in electrode arrays for FES induced hand motion in early stroke rehabilitationSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Jankowski, Natalie; Valtin, Markus; Schönijahn, Laura; Böttcher, Sebastian; Dähne, Frank; Schauer, Thomas-