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siebert_etal_2019.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2019Adjustable automation and manoeuvre control in automated drivingSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Radtke, Fabian; Kiyonaga, Erin; Höger, Rainer-
6-Nov-2019Annotated helmet use videos from MyanmarSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Lin, Hanhe-
5808-Article Text-23327-4-10-20200326.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2020Calibration-free gaze interfaces based on linear smooth pursuitZeng, Zhe; Siebert, Felix Wilhelm; Venjakob, Antje Christine; Rötting, Matthias-
siebert_lin.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2019Detecting motorcycle helmet use with deep learningSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Lin, Hanhe-
siebert_etal_2017.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2017The exact determination of subjective risk and comfort thresholds in car followingSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Oehl, Michael; Bersch, Florian; Pfister, Hans-Rüdiger-
siebert_wallis_2019.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2019How speed and visibility influence preferred headway distances in highly automated drivingSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Wallis, Fares Lian-
frobt-07-00074.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2020The Influence of Distance and Lateral Offset of Follow Me Robots on User PerceptionSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Klein, Jacobe; Rötting, Matthias; Roesler, Eileen-
siebert_etal_2014.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2014The influence of time headway on subjective driver states in adaptive cruise controlSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Oehl, Michael; Pfister, Hans-Rüdiger-
roidl_etal_2013.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2013Introducing a multivariate model for predicting driving performance: The role of driving anger and personal characteristicsRoidl, Ernst; Siebert, Felix Wilhelm; Oehl, Michael; Höger, Rainer-
siebert_etal_2019.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2019Patterns of motorcycle helmet use – a naturalistic observation study in MyanmarSiebert, Felix Wilhelm; Albers, Deike; Naing, U Aung; Perego, Paolo; Santikarn, Chamaiparn-