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Report-685-2000.pdf.jpg2000Approximating the single source unsplittable min-cost flow problemSkutella, Martin-
Report-514-1996.pdf.jpg1996Approximation Algorithms for the Discrete Time-Cost Tradeoff ProblemSkutella, Martin-
Report-019-2004.pdf.jpg2004Approximation and complexity of k-splittable flowsKoch, Ronald; Skutella, Martin; Spenke, Ines-
Report-640-1999.pdf.jpg1999Approximation Schemes for Minimizing Average Weighted Completion Time with Release DatesAfrati, Foto; Bampis, Evripidis; Chekuri, Chandra; Karger, David; Kenyon, Claire; Khanna, Sanjeev; Milis, Ioannis; Queyranne, Maurice; Skutella, Martin; Stein, Cliff; Sviridenko, Maxim-
Report-003-2008.pdf.jpg2008Computing Minimum Cuts by Randomized Search HeuristicsNeumann, Frank; Reichel, Joachim; Skutella, Martin-
Report-016-2009.pdf.jpg2009Continuous and Discrete Flows Over Time: A General Model Based on Measure TheoryKoch, Ronald; Nasrabadi, Ebrahim; Skutella, Martin-
Report-683-2000.pdf.jpg2000Convex quadratic and semidefinite programming relaxations in SchedulingSkutella, Martin-
Report-629-1999.pdf.jpg1999Convex Quadratic Programming Relaxations for Network Scheduling ProblemsSkutella, Martin-
Report-655-1999.pdf.jpg1999Cooperative facility location gamesGoemans, Michel X.; Skutella, Martin-
Report-015-2010.pdf.jpg2010Dynamic flows with time-varying network parameters: Optimality conditions and strong dualityHashemi, S. Mehdi; Koch, Ronald; Nasrabadi, Ebrahim; Skutella, Martin-
dagrep_v005_i010_p019_s15412.pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Traffic Models in Transportation ScienceCorrea, José R.; Harks, Tobias; Nagel, Kai; Peis, Britta; Skutella, Martin-
Report-035-2008.pdf.jpg2008Earliest Arrival Flows with Multiple SourcesBaumann, Nadine; Skutella, Martin-
Report-024-2008.pdf.jpg2008Evolutionary Algorithms and Matroid Optimization ProblemsReichel, Joachim; Skutella, Martin-
Report-712-2001.pdf.jpg2001Flows over time with load-dependent transit timesKöhler, Ekkehard; Skutella, Martin-
Report-021-2008.pdf.jpg2008Flows with Unit Path Capacities and Related Packing and Covering ProblemsMartens, Maren; Skutella, Martin-
Report-646-1999.pdf.jpg1999Forcing Relations for AND/OR Precedence ConstraintsMöhring, Rolf H.; Skutella, Martin; Stork, Frederik-
Report-024-2003.pdf.jpg2003An FPTAS for Quickest Multicommodity Flows with Inflow-Dependent Transit TimesHall, Alex; Langkau, Katharina; Skutella, Martin-
Report-022-2008.pdf.jpg2008An Introduction to Network Flows Over TimeSkutella, Martin-
Report-005-2006.pdf.jpg2006Length-Bounded Cuts and FlowsBaier, Georg; Erlebach, Thomas; Hall, Alexander; Köhler, Ekkehard; Schilling, Heiko; Skutella, Martin-
Report-734-2002.pdf.jpg2002List scheduling in order of alpha-points on a single machineSkutella, Martin-