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10.1140_epje_i2016-16080-y.pdf.jpg2016Active Brownian motion of emulsion droplets: coarsening dynamics at the interface and rotational diffusionSchmitt, Max; Stark, Holger-
10.1140_epje_i2017-11510-0.pdf.jpg2017Active Brownian particles moving in a random Lorentz gasZeitz, Maria; Wolff, Katrin; Stark, Holger-
Buel_Stark_Active_2020.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2020Active open-loop control of elastic turbulencevan Buel, Reinier; Stark, Holger-
kaehlitz_etal_2012.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2012Clustering and mobility of hard rods in a quasicrystalline substrate potentialKählitz, Philipp; Schoen, Martin; Stark, Holger-
c9sm00889f.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2019Collective dynamics in a monolayer of squirmers confined to a boundary by gravityKuhr, Jan-Timm; Rühle, Felix; Stark, Holger-
Grawitter_2018_New_J._Phys._20_113010.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2018Dissipative systems with nonlocal delayed feedback controlGrawitter, Josua; van Buel, Reinier; Schaaf, Christian; Stark, Holger-
grawitter_stark_2021.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2021Droplets on substrates with oscillating wettabilityGrawitter, Josua; Stark, Holger-
c6sm00443a.pdf.jpg2016Dynamics of a bacterial flagellum under reverse rotationAdhyapak, Tapan Chandra; Stark, Holger-
Rühle_Stark_Emergent_2020.pdf.jpg25-May-2020Emergent collective dynamics of bottom-heavy squirmers under gravityRühle, Felix; Stark, Holger-
c4lc00145a.pdf.jpg2014Feedback control of inertial microfluidics using axial control forcesProhm, Christopher; Stark, Holger-
c8sm02476f.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2019A flowing pair of particles in inertial microfluidicsSchaaf, Christian; Rühle, Felix; Stark, Holger-
Rühle_2018_New_J._Phys._20_025003.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2018Gravity-induced dynamics of a squirmer microswimmer in wall proximityRühle, Felix; Blaschke, Johannes; Kuhr, Jan-Timm; Stark, Holger-
c0sm01085e.pdf.jpg2011Hydrodynamic interactions enhance the performance of Brownian ratchetsGrimm, Andrej; Stark, Holger-
journal.pcbi.1005329.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2017Inferring the Chemotactic Strategy of P. putida and E. coli Using Modified Kramers-Moyal CoefficientsPohl, Oliver; Hintsche, Marius; Alirezaeizanjani, Zahra; Seyrich, Maximilian; Beta, Carsten; Stark, Holger-
Zantop_etal_Multi-particle_2021.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2021Multi-particle collision dynamics with a non-ideal equation of state. IZantop, Arne W.; Stark, Holger-
Zantop_Stark_Multi-particle_2021.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2021Multi-particle collision dynamics with a non-ideal equation of state. II. Collective dynamics of elongated squirmer rodsZantop, Arne W.; Stark, Holger-
micromachines-11-00592.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Optimal Control of Colloidal Trajectories in Inertial Microfluidics Using the Saffman EffectRühle, Felix; Schaaf, Christian; Stark, Holger-
knezevic_etal_2021.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2021Oscillatory active microrheology of active suspensionsKnežević, Miloš; Avilés Podgurski, Luisa E.; Stark, Holger-
kuntal_stark_2021.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2021A pair of particles in inertial microfluidics: effect of shape, softness, and positionPatel, Kuntal; Stark, Holger-
Schaaf_Stark_Particle_2020.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2020Particle pairs and trains in inertial microfluidicsSchaaf, Christian; Stark, Holger-