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2017_buchert_etal.pdf.jpg2017Benefits and obstacles of sustainable product development methodsStark, Rainer; Buchert, Tom; Neugebauer, Sabrina; Bonvoisin, Jérémy; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
sensors-21-04687-v2.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2021Configurable Sensor Model Architecture for the Development of Automated Driving SystemsSchmidt, Simon; Schlager, Birgit; Muckenhuber, Stefan; Stark, Rainer-
symmetry-11-00508.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019Configuration Equilibrium Model of Product Variant Design Driven by Customer RequirementsYang, Qin; Bian, Xianjun; Stark, Rainer; Fresemann, Carina; Song, Fei-
1-s2.0-S0007850616301986-main.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2016Continuous maintenance and the future – foundations and technological challengesRoy, Rajkumar; Stark, Rainer; Tracht, Kirsten; Takata, Shozo; Mori, Masahiko-
1-s2.0-S2212827115004813-main.pdf.jpg2015Design and manufacturing of a sustainable pedelecBuchert, Tom; Steingrímsson, Jón Garðar; Neugebauer, Sabrina; Nguyen, The Duy; Galeitzke, Mila; Oertwig, Nicole; Seidel, Johannes; McFarland, Randy; Lindow, Kai; Hayka, Haygazun; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S221282711630703X-main.pdf.jpg2017Design of a test environment for planning and interaction with virtual production processesBuchholz, Christian; Kind, Simon; Stark, Rainer-
18479790211033697.pdf.jpg2021Enabling automated engineering’s project progress measurement by using data flow models and digital twinsEbel, Helena; Riedelsheimer, Theresa; Stark, Rainer-
Extended_list_of_references.pdf.jpg2018Extended list of references - Knowledge in engineering design: A systematic literature review on artifacts and IT systemsPreidel, Maurice; Wang, Wei Min; Exner, Konrad; Stark, Rainer-
10.1007_978-3-319-48514-0_1.pdf.jpg2017Field of research in sustainable manufacturingBonvoisin, Jérémy; Stark, Rainer; Seliger, Günther-
wang-etal_2015.pdf.jpg2015Graphical visualization of sustainable manufacturing aspects for knowledge transfer to public audienceWang, Wei Min; Wolter, Lars; Lindow, Kai; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827116000809-main.pdf.jpg2016How to Make People Make a Change – Using Social Labelling for Raising Awareness on Sustainable ManufacturingRoeder, Ina; Scheibleger, Matthias; Stark, Rainer-
hagemann_etal_2019.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2019Hybrid Artificial Intelligence System for the Design of Highly-Automated Production SystemsHagemann, Simon; Sünnetcioglu, Atakan; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827115004230-main.pdf.jpg2015Hybrid Simulators for Product Service-SystemsBeckmann-Dobrev, Boris; Kind, Simon; Stark, Rainer-
sustainability-11-03517.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2019Leveraging Circular Economy through a Methodology for Smart Service Systems EngineeringHalstenberg, Friedrich A.; Lindow, Kai; Stark, Rainer-
10.1007_978-3-319-48514-0_11.pdf.jpg2017Material reutilization cycles across industries and production linesHalstenberg, Friedrich A.; Steingrímsson, Jón G.; Stark, Rainer-
2017_exner_etal_maturitymodel.pdf.jpg2017Maturity model and action recommendationExner, Konrad; Zimpfer, Raphael; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827115008227-main.pdf.jpg2015Method for automated structuring of product data and its applicationsAdolphy, Sebastian; Grosser, Hendrik; Kirsch, Lucas; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827115002620-main.pdf.jpg2015MINARGUS: Test tool for User Experience measurement and parameter modification within ADAS simulationAuricht, Mark; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827114009238-main.pdf.jpg2015Multi-criteria decision making as a tool for sustainable product developmentBuchert, Tom; Neugebauer, Sabrina; Schenker, Sebastian; Lindow, Kai; Stark, Rainer-
asi-03-00015-v2.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2020Natural Virtual Reality User Interface to Define Assembly Sequences for Digital Human ModelsGeiger, Andreas; Brandenburg, Elisabeth; Stark, Rainer-