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Report-702-2000.pdf.jpg2000Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for Stochastic Resource-Constrained Project SchedulingStork, Frederik-
Report-609-1998.pdf.jpg1998A computational study on bounding the makespan distribution in stochastic project networksLudwig, Arfst; Möhring, Rolf H.; Stork, Frederik-
Report-646-1999.pdf.jpg1999Forcing Relations for AND/OR Precedence ConstraintsMöhring, Rolf H.; Skutella, Martin; Stork, Frederik-
Report-612-1998.pdf.jpg1998Linear preselective policies for stochastic project schedulingMöhring, Rolf H.; Stork, Frederik-
Report-664-2000.pdf.jpg2000On Project Scheduling with Irregular Starting Time CostsMöhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Stork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Report-693-2000.pdf.jpg2000On the Representation of Resource Constraints in Project SchedulingStork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Report-596-1998.pdf.jpg1998Resource constrained project scheduling with time windows: A branching scheme based on dynamic release datesFest, Andreas; Möhring, Rolf H.; Stork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Report-620-1998.pdf.jpg1998Resource Constrained Project Scheduling: Computing Lower Bounds by Solving Minimum Cut ProblemsMöhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Stork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Report-661-2000.pdf.jpg2000Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling: From a Lagrangian Relaxation to Competitive SolutionsStork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Report-689-2000.pdf.jpg2000Scheduling with AND/OR precedence constraintsMöhring, Rolf H.; Skutella, Martin; Stork, Frederik-
Report-680-2000.pdf.jpg2000Solving Project Scheduling Problems by Minimum Cut ComputationsMöhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Stork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Dokument_5.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2001Stochastic resource-constrained project schedulingStork, Frederik-