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materials-12-01513.pdf.jpg9-May-2019Boehmite Nanofillers in Epoxy Oligosiloxane Resins: Influencing the Curing Process by Complex Physical and Chemical InteractionsTopolniak, Ievgeniia; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan; Pfeifer, Dietmar; Braun, Ulrike; Sturm, Heinz-
nanomaterials-11-01591-v2.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2021Carrier Fibers for the Safe Dosage of Nanoparticles in Nanocomposites: Nanomechanical and Thermomechanical Study on Polycarbonate/Boehmite Electrospun Fibers Embedded in Epoxy ResinCano Murillo, Natalia; Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media; Silbernagl, Dorothee; Emamverdi, Farnaz; Cacua, Karen; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan; Sturm, Heinz-
c6cp05417j.pdf.jpg2016Combined influence of ectoine and salt: spectroscopic and numerical evidence for compensating effects on aqueous solutionsHahn, Marc Benjamin; Uhlig, Frank; Solomun, Tihomir; Smiatek, Jens; Sturm, Heinz-
c6cp07707b.pdf.jpg2016Direct electron irradiation of DNA in a fully aqueous environment. Damage determination in combination with Monte Carlo simulationsHahn, Marc Benjamin; Meyer, Susann; Schröter, Maria-Astrid; Seitz, Harald; Kunte, Hans-Jörg; Solomun, Tihomir; Sturm, Heinz-
s41598-017-15512-4.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2017Ectoine protects DNA from damage by ionizing radiationSchröter, Maria-Astrid; Meyer, Susann; Hahn, Marc Benjamin; Solomun, Tihomir; Sturm, Heinz; Kunte, Hans Jörg-
Khorasani_etal_2019.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2019The effect of boehmite nanoparticles (γ‐AlOOH) on nanomechanical and thermomechanical properties correlated to crosslinking density of epoxyGhasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media; Silbernagl, Dorothee; Szymoniak, Paulina; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan; Sturm, Heinz-
Khorasani_etal_2019.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2019Insights into Nano-Scale Physical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy/Boehmite Nanocomposite Using Different AFM ModesGhasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media; Silbernagl, Dorothee; Platz, Daniel; Sturm, Heinz-
nanomaterials-11-03285.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2021Long-Time Behavior of Surface Properties of Microstructures Fabricated by Multiphoton LithographyDudziak, Mateusz; Topolniak, Ievgeniia; Silbernagl, Dorothee; Altmann, Korinna; Sturm, Heinz-
fibers-08-00031-v2.pdf.jpg12-May-2020Measurement of Flexural Rigidity of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Dynamic Scanning Electron MicroscopyFortini, Renata; Meyer-Plath, Asmus; Kehren, Dominic; Gernert, Ulrich; Jácome, Leonardo Agudo; Sturm, Heinz-
PhysRevE.95.052419.pdf.jpg30-May-2017Measurements and simulations of microscopic damage to DNA in water by 30 keV electrons: A general approach applicable to other radiation sources and biological targetsHahn, Marc Benjamin; Meyer, Susann; Kunte, Hans-Jörg; Solomun, Tihomir; Sturm, Heinz-
APP_APP50231.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2020Nanomechanical study of polycarbonate/boehmite nanoparticles/epoxy ternary composite and their interphasesCano Murillo, Natalia; Ghasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media; Silbernagl, Dorothee; Hahn, Marc Benjamin; Hodoroaba, Vasile‐Dan; Sturm, Heinz-
nanomaterials-09-00853.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2019Short- and Long-Range Mechanical and Chemical Interphases Caused by Interaction of Boehmite (γ-AlOOH) with Anhydride-Cured Epoxy ResinsGhasem Zadeh Khorasani, Media; Elert, Anna-Maria; Hodoroaba, Vasile-Dan; Agudo Jácome, Leonardo; Altmann, Korinna; Silbernagl, Dorothee; Sturm, Heinz-