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wevj-12-00096.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2021Analysis of Electric Moped Scooter Sharing in Berlin: A Technical, Economic and Environmental PerspectiveWortmann, Chris; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Grahle, Alexander; Göhlich, Dietmar-
wevj-12-00122.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2021Electrification of Urban Waste Collection: Introducing a Simulation-Based Methodology for Technical Feasibility, Impact and Cost AnalysisEwert, Ricardo; Grahle, Alexander; Martins-Turner, Kai; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Nagel, Kai; Göhlich, Dietmar-
sustainability-12-10037-v2.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2020Environmental Impact of Subsidy Concepts for Stimulating Car Sales in GermanyScharf, Malte; Heide, Ludger; Grahle, Alexander; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Göhlich, Dietmar-
Winkler_etal_Fuel_2022.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2022Fuel cell drive for urban freight transport in comparison to diesel and battery electric drives: a case study of the food retailing industry in BerlinWinkler, John Kenneth; Grahle, Alexander; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Martins-Turner, Kai; Göhlich, Dietmar-
sustainability-13-00839.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2021Integrated Approach for the Assessment of Strategies for the Decarbonization of Urban TrafficGöhlich, Dietmar; Nagel, Kai; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Grahle, Alexander; Martins-Turner, Kai; Ewert, Ricardo; Miranda Jahn, Ricardo; Jefferies, Dominic-
sustainability-12-07302.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2020Method for a Multi-Vehicle, Simulation-Based Life Cycle Assessment and Application to Berlin’s Motorized Individual TransportSyré, Anne Magdalene; Heining, Florian; Göhlich, Dietmar-
miranda-jahn_etal_2020.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2020Methodology for Determining Charging Strategies for Freight Traffic Vehicles based on Traffic Simulation ResultsMiranda Jahn, Ricardo; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Grahle, Alexander; Martins-Turner, Kai; Göhlich, Dietmar-
kohl_etal_design-2020.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2020Social Sustainability in the Development of Service RobotsKohl, Jonas Laurenz; van der Schoor, Michel Joop; Syré, Anne Magdalene; Göhlich, Dietmar-