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2015Advanced exergoeconomic analysis of a power plant with CO2 capturePetrakopoulou, Fontina; Tsatsaronis, George; Morosuk, Tatiana-
25-Dec-2019Advanced Exergy Analysis in the Dynamic Framework for Assessing Building Thermal SystemsPicallo-Perez, Ana; Sala, José M; Tsatsaronis, George; Sayadi, Saeed-
24-Nov-2017A Comparative Exergoeconomic Evaluation of the Synthesis Routes for Methanol Production from Natural GasBlumberg, Timo; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George-
10.1007_s40095-016-0204-6.pdf.jpg29-Feb-2016Evaluation of an energy- and exergy-based generic modeling approach of combined heat and power plantsMollenhauer, Eike; Christidis, Andreas; Tsatsaronis, George-
28-Nov-2019Exergetic and Economic Evaluation of a Transcritical Heat-Driven Compression Refrigeration System with CO2 as the Working Fluid under Hot Climatic ConditionsLuo, Jing; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George; Tashtoush, Bourhan-
4-Feb-2019Exergy-Based and Economic Evaluation of Liquefaction Processes for Cryogenics Energy StorageHamdy, Sarah; Moser, Francisco; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George-
27-Dec-2018A Review of Evaluation, Optimization and Synthesis of Energy Systems: Methodology and Application to Thermal Power PlantsWang, Ligang; Yang, Zhiping; Sharma, Shivom; Mian, Alberto; Lin, Tzu-En; Tsatsaronis, George; Maréchal, François; Yang, Yongping-
30-Sep-2018Simulation and Exergy Analysis of Energy Conversion Processes Using a Free and Open-Source Framework—Python-Based Object-Oriented Programming for Gas- and Steam Turbine CyclesZoder, Marius; Balke, Janosch; Hofmann, Mathias; Tsatsaronis, George-