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Korzec_et_al_2012.pdf.jpg2012Anisotropic surface energy formulations and their effect on stability of a growing thin filmKorzec, Maciek D.; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-41-2014.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2014Anisotropy in wavelet based phase field modelsKorzec, Maciek; Münch, Andreas; Süli, Endre; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-3-2016.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2016Apparent Slip for an upper convected Maxwell FluidMünch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara; Cook, L. Pamela; Braun, Richard-
Preprint-21-2013.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2013Equilibrium shapes of poly-crystalline silicon nanodotsKorzec, Maciek; Wagner, Barbara; Roczen, Maurizio; Schade, Martin; Rech, Bernd-
Preprint-39-2014.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2014Models for the two-phase flow of concentrated suspensionsAhnert, Tobias; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-40-2014.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2014A phase-field model for solid-state dewetting and its sharp-interface limitDziwnik, Marion; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
sharpinterface_formation.pdf.jpg2017Sharp-interface formation during lithium intercalation into siliconMeca, Esteban; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-9-2016.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2016Sharp-Interface Formation during Lithium Intercalation into SiliconMeca, Esteban; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-34-2013.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2013Stability analysis of non-constant base states in thin film equationsDziwnik, Marion; Korzec, Maciek; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-21-2015.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2015Stability of concentrated suspensions under Couette and Poiseuille flowAhnert, Tobias; Münch, Andreas; Niethammer, Barbara; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-5-2016.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2016Thin-film electrodes for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries: Influence of phase transformations on stressMeca, Esteban; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-
Preprint-4-2016.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2016Thin-film models for viscoelastic liquid bi-layersJachalski, Sebastian; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara-