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Asgarimehr_et_al-2018-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2018Can GNSS reflectometry detect precipitation over oceans?Asgarimehr, Milad; Zavorotny, Valery; Wickert, Jens; Reich, Sebastian-
remotesensing-13-03732-v2.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2021Diagnostics of Es Layer Scintillation Observations Using FS3/COSMIC Data: Dependence on Sampling Spatial ScaleTsai, Lung-Chih; Su, Shin-Yi; Liu, Chao-Han; Schuh, Harald; Wickert, Jens; Alizadeh, Mohamad Mahdi-
remotesensing-12-04109-v3.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2020E Layer Dominated Ionosphere Occurrences as a Function of Geophysical and Space Weather ConditionsKamal, Sumon; Jakowski, Norbert; Hoque, Mohammed M.; Wickert, Jens-
remotesensing-11-00041.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2018Estimating the Impact of Global Navigation Satellite System Horizontal Delay Gradients in Variational Data AssimilationZus, Florian; Douša, Jan; Kačmařík, Michal; Václavovic, Pavel; Dick, Galina; Wickert, Jens-
remotesensing-11-01048-v2.pdf.jpg3-May-2019Evaluating Impact of Rain Attenuation on Space-borne GNSS Reflectometry Wind SpeedsAsgarimehr, Milad; Wickert, Jens; Reich, Sebastian-
remotesensing-12-00333.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2020Evaluation of E Layer Dominated Ionosphere Events Using COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 and CHAMP Ionospheric Radio Occultation DataKamal, Sumon; Jakowski, Norbert; Hoque, Mohammed M.; Wickert, Jens-
remotesensing-12-00542-v2.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2020First evidence of mesoscale ocean eddies signature in GNSS reflectometry measurementsHoseini, Mostafa; Asgarimehr, Milad; Zavorotny, Valery; Nahavandchi, Hossein; Ruf, Chris; Wickert, Jens-
Tsai_etal_Global_2018.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2018Global morphology of ionospheric sporadic E layer from the FormoSat-3/COSMIC GPS radio occultation experimentTsai, Lung-Chih; Su, Shin-Yi; Liu, Chao-Han; Schuh, Harald; Wickert, Jens; Alizadeh, Mohamad Mahdi-
Männel_etal_GNSS-based_2021.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2021GNSS-based water vapor estimation and validation during the MOSAiC expeditionMännel, Benjamin; Zus, Florian; Dick, Galina; Glaser, Susanne; Semmling, Maximilian; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Wickert, Jens; Maturilli, Marion; Dahlke, Sandro; Schuh, Harald-
remotesensing-13-03769-v2.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2021A High Latitude Model for the E Layer Dominated IonosphereKamal, Sumon; Jakowski, Norbert; Hoque, Mohammed Mainul; Wickert, Jens-
sensors-17-00756-v2.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2017The Impact of Estimating High-Resolution Tropospheric Gradients on Multi-GNSS Precise PositioningZhou, Feng; Li, Xingxing; Li, Weiwei; Chen, Wen; Dong, Danan; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald-
remotesensing-13-03944.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2021Impact of Tropospheric Mismodelling in GNSS Precise Point Positioning: A Simulation Study Utilizing Ray-Traced Tropospheric Delays from a High-Resolution NWMZus, Florian; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Dick, Galina; Wilgan, Karina; Wickert, Jens-
remotesensing-11-00674.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2019Improving GNSS Zenith Wet Delay Interpolation by Utilizing Tropospheric Gradients: Experiments with a Dense Station Network in Central Europe in the Warm SeasonZus, Florian; Douša, Jan; Kačmařík, Michal; Václavovic, Pavel; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Dick, Galina; Wickert, Jens-
remotesensing-14-02105-v2.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2022Investigation on Geometry Computation of Spaceborne GNSS-R Altimetry over Topography: Modeling and ValidationSong, Minfeng; He, Xiufeng; Asgarimehr, Milad; Li, Weiqiang; Xiao, Ruya; Jia, Dongzhen; Wang, Xiaolei; Wickert, Jens-
remotesensing-12-03751.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2020Machine Learning-Aided Sea Ice Monitoring Using Feature Sequences Extracted from Spaceborne GNSS-Reflectometry DataZhu, Yongchao; Tao, Tingye; Yu, Kegen; Qu, Xiaochuan; Li, Shuiping; Wickert, Jens; Semmling, Maximilian-
remotesensing-13-03788-v2.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2021A Model for the Relationship between Rainfall, GNSS-Derived Integrated Water Vapour, and CAPE in the Eastern Central AndesRamezani Ziarani, Maryam; Bookhagen, Bodo; Schmidt, Torsten; Wickert, Jens; de la Torre, Alejandro; Deng, Zhiguo; Calori, Andrea-
Kepkar_etal_Occurrence_2020.pdf.jpg13-May-2020Occurrence climatology of equatorial plasma bubbles derived using FormoSat-3 ∕ COSMIC GPS radio occultation dataKepkar, Ankur; Arras, Christina; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald; Alizadeh, Mahdi; Tsai, Lung-Chih-
Brack_etal_Operational_2021.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2021Operational multi-GNSS global ionosphere maps at GFZ derived from uncombined code and phase observationsBrack, Andreas; Männel, Benjamin; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald-
Wang_et_al-2019-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf.jpg15-May-2019Retrieving Precipitable Water Vapor From Shipborne Multi‐GNSS ObservationsWang, Jungang; Wu, Zhilu; Semmling, Maximilian; Zus, Florian; Gerland, Sebastian; Ramatschi, Markus; Ge, Maorong; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald-
sensors-17-01614.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2017Sea Ice Detection Based on Differential Delay-Doppler Maps from UK TechDemoSat-1Zhu, Yongchao; Yu, Kegen; Zou, Jingui; Wickert, Jens-