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reserach_data_Zamanifar_Hartmann.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2020Literature review of optimization based decision model for disaster recovery planning of transportation networkZamanifar, Milad; Hartmann, Timo-
18-Feb-2020Triple group-V donors in ZnOHegde, Manu; Mohammadbeigi, F.; Kure, Thomas; Senthil Kumar, Eswaran; Wagner, Markus R.; Hoffmann, Axel; Watkins, Simon P.-
14-Feb-2020Model reduction of aerobic bioprocess models for efficient simulationDuan, Zhaoyang; Wilms, Terrance; Neubauer, Peter; Kravaris, Costas; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
12-Feb-2020Case Study on Aircraft Noise Reduction by Variation of Departure Profiles during Night FlightsMitzkat, Mathias; Strümpfel, Christoph-
11-Feb-2020Mapping domain characteristics influencing Analytics initiatives: The example of Supply Chain AnalyticsHerden, Tino T.-
1-Feb-2020Rock Surface Roughness Determination: Matlab scripts of evaluation algorithms and original scanned surfacesMarsch, Kristofer-
31-Jan-2020Electronic supplemental materialSimons, Franz-
31-Jan-2020Cycloaddition Chemistry of a Silylene‐Nickel Complex toward Organic π‐Systems: From Reversibility to C−H ActivationHadlington, Terrance J.; Kostenko, Arseni; Driess, Matthias-
22-Jan-2020Sampling in der MusikproduktionFischer, Georg-
22-Jan-2020Contacts With Negative Work of “Adhesion” and SuperlubricityPopov, Valentin L.-
22-Jan-2020Investigation of the Degradation of Chelate Complexes in Liquid Redox Desulfurization ProcessesHolz, Stephan; Köster, Peter; Thielert, Holger; Guetta, Zion; Repke, Jens-Uwe-
21-Jan-2020A Sales Tax Is Better at Promoting Healthy Diets than the Fat Tax and the Thin SubsidyKalamov, Zarko-
9-Jan-2020Stannites – a new promising class of durable electrocatalysts for efficient water oxidationHausmann, Jan Niklas; Heppke, Eva Maria; Beltrán-Suito, Rodrigo; Schmidt, Johannes; Mühlbauer, Martin; Lerch, Martin; Menezes, Prashanth Wilfried; Driess, Matthias-
8-Jan-2020Methanogenic Archaea Can Produce Methane in Deliquescence-Driven Mars Analog EnvironmentsMaus, Deborah; Heinz, Jacob; Schirmack, Janosch; Airo, Alessandro; Kounaves, Samuel P.; Wagner, Dirk; Schulze-Makuch, Dirk-
7-Jan-2020Thermodynamic reaction control of nucleoside phosphorolysisKaspar, Felix; Giessmann, Robert T.; Neubauer, Peter; Wagner, Anke; Gimpel, Matthias-
5-Jan-2020Assured Multi-Mode Navigation for Urban Operations of Small UASStrümpfel, Christoph; Schuster, Eric; Huschbeck, Svenja; Berth, Christian; Uijt de Haag, Maarten-
5-Jan-2020Precise Relative Navigation and Separation Assurance of UAS and Manned Aircraft during Low Altitude Airfield OperationsSchuster, Eric; Strümpfel, Christoph; Huschbeck, Svenja; Göbel, Bastian; Berth, Christian; Uijt de Haag, Maarten-
3-Jan-2020Mechanochemical Synthesis of Cu2MgSn3S8 and Ag2MgSn3S8Heppke, Eva Maria; Klenner, Steffen; Janka, Oliver; Pöttgen, Rainer; Lerch, Martin-
Jan-2020On the Temporalities and Spatialities of the Production of SpaceFrehse, Fraya-
Jan-2020Stoßprobleme in Physik, Technik und MedizinWillert, Emanuel-