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31._forum_bauinformatik.pdf.jpg13-Sep-201931. Forum Bauinformatik-Sternal, Maximilian; Ungureanu, Lucian-Constantin; Böger, Laura; Bindal-Gutsche, Christoph
kourimska_springborn_2019.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2019Discrete Yamabe problem for polyhedral surfacesKourimska, Hana; Springborn, Boris-
Digital Appendix.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2019Digital Appendix for the Dissertation 'Conception and Evaluation of E-Learning Units regarding Motivation and Acquired Competencies for Theoretical Computer Science at University Level'Wilhelm-Weidner, Arno-
c9ra05690d.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2019Structural complexities and sodium-ion diffusion in the intercalates NaxTiS2: move it, change it, re-diffract itWiedemann, Dennis; Suard, Emmanuelle; Lerch, Martin-
gil_2019.pdf.jpgSep-2019The name of thingsGil, Thomas-
Sep-2019Formal Verification of Low-Level Code in a Model-Based Refinement Process (Technical Report: Isabelle/HOL formalization)Berg, Nils; Bartels, Björn; Danziger, Armin; Grochau Azzi, Guilherme; Bentert, Matthias-
22-Aug-2019Microhydration Structures of Protonated OxazoleChatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
7-Aug-2019Safety Aspects, Tolerability and Modeling of Retinofugal Alternating Current StimulationHaberbosch, Linus; Datta, Abhishek; Thomas, Chris; Jooß, Andreas; Köhn, Arvid; Rönnefarth, Maria; Scholz, Michael; Brandt, Stephan A.; Schmidt, Sein-
6-Aug-2019Bacterial Growth in Chloride and Perchlorate Brines: Halotolerances and Salt Stress Responses of Planococcus halocryophilusHeinz, Jacob; Waajen, Annemiek C.; Airo, Alessandro; Alibrandi, Armando; Schirmack, Janosch; Schulze-Makuch, Dirk-
2-Aug-2019Editorial: Friction and Wear: From Elementary Mechanisms to Macroscopic BehaviorPohrt, Roman; Popov, Valentin L.-
loew_knoblauch_2019.pdf.jpgAug-2019Die Re-Figuration von RäumenLöw, Martina; Knoblauch, Hubert-
Aug-2019Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene FlügelSpangenberger, Pia; Draeger, Iken; Kapp, Felix; Matthes, Nadine; Kruse, Linda; Hartmann, Martin; Narciss, Susanne-
30-Jul-2019Cross-Country Differences in Entrepreneurial Internationalization Tendencies: Evidence from Germany and PakistanMiddermann, Laura H.; Rashid, Lubna-
c9ra04865k.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2019Quantification and isotherm modelling of competitive phosphate and silicate adsorption onto micro-sized granular ferric hydroxideHilbrandt, Inga; Lehmann, Vito; Zietzschmann, Frederik; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Jekel, Martin-
resources-08-00132.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019Characterizing the Urban Mine—Challenges of Simplified Chemical Analysis of Anthropogenic Mineral ResiduesMählitz, Paul Martin; Løvik, Amund N.; Figi, Renato; Schreiner, Claudia; Kuntz, Claudia; Korf, Nathalie; Rösslein, Matthias; Wäger, Patrick; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
vzj-18-1-190008.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2019Advanced In Situ Soil Water Sampling System for Monitoring Solute Fluxes in the Vadose ZoneReck, Arne; Paton, Eva; Kluge, Björn-
23-Jul-2019Increasing Evapotranspiration on Extensive Green Roofs by Changing Substrate Depths, Construction, and Additional IrrigationKaiser, Daniel; Köhler, Manfred; Schmidt, Marco; Wolff, Fiona-
22-Jul-2019Integral Flow Modelling Approach for Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions along a Rippled StreambedBroecker, Tabea; Teuber, Katharina; Sobhi Gollo, Vahid; Nützmann, Gunnar; Lewandowski, Jörg; Hinkelmann, Reinhard-
22-Jul-2019In Silico Optimization of Femoral Fixator Position and Configuration by Parametric CAD ModelKorunovic, Nikola; Marinković, Dragan; Trajanovic, Miroslav; Zehn, Manfred; Mitkovic, Milorad; Affatato, Saverio-
19-Jul-2019Implementation and Evaluation of Activity-Based Congestion Management Using P4 (P4-ABC)Menth, Michael; Mostafaei, Habib; Merling, Daniel; Häberle, Marco-