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reserach_data_Zamanifar_Hartmann.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2020Literature review of optimization based decision model for disaster recovery planning of transportation networkZamanifar, Milad; Hartmann, Timo-
May-2020Knowledge Extraction from Natural Language Requirements into a Semantic Relation GraphSchlutter, Aaron; Vogelsang, Andreas-
mobility_traces_spreading_COVID-19.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2020Mobility traces and spreading of COVID-19Müller, Sebastian Alexander; Balmer, Michael; Neumann, Andreas; Nagel, Kai-
stocker_etal_2020.pdf.jpgMar-2020The State of Network Neutrality RegulationStocker, Volker; Smaragdakis, Georgios; Lehr, William-
open_next_D1.2_v1.1.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2020OPEN_NEXT – Deliverable 1.2: Quality Assurance FrameworkMies, Robert-
24-Feb-2020Enzymatic hydrolysis of pea protein: Interactions and protein fractions involved in fermentation induced gels and their influence on rheological propertiesKlost, Martina; Giménez-Ribes, Gerard; Drusch, Stephan-
18-Feb-2020Triple group-V donors in ZnOHegde, Manu; Mohammadbeigi, F.; Kure, Thomas; Senthil Kumar, Eswaran; Wagner, Markus R.; Hoffmann, Axel; Watkins, Simon P.-
14-Feb-2020Model reduction of aerobic bioprocess models for efficient simulationDuan, Zhaoyang; Wilms, Terrance; Neubauer, Peter; Kravaris, Costas; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
mitzkat_struempfel_2019.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2020Case Study on Aircraft Noise Reduction by Variation of Departure Profiles during Night FlightsMitzkat, Mathias; Strümpfel, Christoph-
3004-11691-1-PB.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2020Mapping domain characteristics influencing Analytics initiatives: The example of Supply Chain AnalyticsHerden, Tino T.-
7-Feb-2020Impact of sodium ions on material properties, gelation and storage stability of citrus pectinKastner, Hanna; Einhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Fatouros, Alexandra; Drusch, Stephan-
remotesensing-12-00542-v2.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2020First evidence of mesoscale ocean eddies signature in GNSS reflectometry measurementsHoseini, Mostafa; Asgarimehr, Milad; Zavorotny, Valery; Nahavandchi, Hossein; Ruf, Chris; Wickert, Jens-
sustainability-12-01136.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2020Creating sustainable meals supported by the NAHGAST online tool—approach and effects on GHG emissions and use of natural resourcesSpeck, Melanie; Bienge, Katrin; Wagner, Lynn; Engelmann, Tobias; Schuster, Sebastian; Teitscheid, Petra; Langen, Nina-
sustainability-12-01068-v2.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2020Designing a Blockchain Model for the Paris Agreement’s Carbon Market MechanismFranke, Laura; Schletz, Marco; Salomo, Søren-
1-Feb-2020Rock Surface Roughness Determination: Matlab scripts of evaluation algorithms and original scanned surfacesMarsch, Kristofer-
water-12-00396-v3.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2020Mesoscale mapping of sediment source hotspots for dam sediment management in data-sparse semi-arid catchmentsSmetanová, Anna; Müller, Anne; Zargar, Morteza; Suleiman, Mohamed A.; Gholami, Faraz Rabei; Mousavi, Maryam-
Feb-2020Active Acoustic Contact Sensing for Soft Pneumatic ActuatorsZöller, Gabriel; Wall, Vincent; Brock, Oliver-
31-Jan-2020Electronic supplemental materialSimons, Franz-
Hadlington_et_al-2020.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2020Cycloaddition Chemistry of a Silylene‐Nickel Complex toward Organic π‐Systems: From Reversibility to C−H ActivationHadlington, Terrance J.; Kostenko, Arseni; Driess, Matthias-
Buchner_et_al-2020.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2020Kinetic Investigation of Polyurethane Rubber Formation from CO2‐Containing PolyolsBuchner, Georg A.; Rudolph, Maik; Norwig, Jochen; Marker, Volker; Gürtler, Christoph; Schomäcker, Reinhard-