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17-Jan-2022Modeling tumor disease and sepsis by networks of adaptively coupled phase oscillatorsSawicki, Jakub; Berner, Rico; Löser, Thomas; Schöll, Eckehard-
17-Jan-2022From something old to something new: Functionalist lessons for the cognitive science of scientific creativitySanches de Oliveira, Guilherme-
13-Jan-2022MATLAB/Simulink model for predicting voltage and impedance during discharge of a lithium-ion battery cellKim, Jonghyeon-
bmjopen-12-e045327.pdf.jpg6-Jan-2022Does adherence to a quality indicator regarding early weaning from invasive ventilation improve economic outcome? A single-centre retrospective studyZuber, Alexander; Kumpf, Oliver; Spies, Claudia; Höft, Moritz; Deffland, Marc; Ahlborn, Robert; Kruppa, Jochen; Jochem, Roland; Balzer, Felix-
10.1177_00220345211017510.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2022BACH1 Binding Links the Genetic Risk for Severe Periodontitis with ST8SIA1Chopra, Avneesh; Mueller, R.; Weiner, J.; Rosowski, J.; Dommisch, Henrik; Grohmann, E.; Schaefer, A.S.-
sallandt_leon.pdf.jpg2022Computing high-dimensional value functions of optimal feedback control problems using the Tensor-train formatSallandt, Leon Jasper-
huebler_daniela.pdf.jpg2022From mechanically milled powders to Mg-SiC nanocomposites: relationships between processing, microstructure and mechanical propertiesHübler, Daniela Stefanie-
2022Sustainable Societies: Transition from theories to practiceSethi, Mahendra-
2022Optimierung der aerodynamischen und aeroakustischen Eigenschaften von Radialventilatoren mit der Methode der inversen AuslegungEisenmenger, Chris-
weinhold_richard.pdf.jpg2022Open-source modeling of flow based market couplingWeinhold, Richard-
2022Shear strength estimation of rock discontinuities – Are the present roughness quantifications forward-looking for engineering use?Marsch, Kristofer-
materials-15-00286.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2021Particle-Based Numerical Simulation Study of Solid Particle Erosion of Ductile Materials Leading to an Erosion Model, Including the Particle Shape EffectMohseni-Mofidi, Shoya; Drescher, Eric; Kruggel-Emden, Harald; Teschner, Matthias; Bierwisch, Claas-
entropy-24-00066.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2021Toward a Logic of the Organism: A Process Philosophical ConsiderationKoutroufinis, Spyridon A.-
sustainability-14-00317.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2021Characteristics of Smoldering on Moist Rice Husk for Silica ProductionYan, Shengtai; Yin, Dezheng; He, Fang; Cai, Junmeng; Schliermann, Thomas; Behrendt, Frank-
mathematics-10-00070-v2.pdf.jpg26-Dec-2021Power Muirhead Mean Operators for Interval-Valued Linear Diophantine Fuzzy Sets and Their Application in Decision-Making StrategiesMahmood, Tahir; Haleemzai, Izatmand; Ali, Zeeshan; Pamucar, Dragan; Marinkovic, Dragan-
ijerph-19-00220-v2.pdf.jpg25-Dec-2021SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol Transmission Indoors: A Closer Look at Viral Load, Infectivity, the Effectiveness of Preventive Measures and a Simple Approach for Practical RecommendationsKriegel, Martin; Hartmann, Anne; Buchholz, Udo; Seifried, Janna; Baumgarte, Sigrid; Gastmeier, Petra-
sustainability-14-00158.pdf.jpg24-Dec-2021A Systemic View of Future Mobility Scenario Impacts on and Their Implications for City Organizational LCA: The Case of Autonomous Driving in ViennaCremer, Alexander; Müller, Katrin; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
23-Dec-2021Efficient unnatural protein production by pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetase with genetically fused solubility tagsKoch, Nikolaj G.; Baumann, Tobias; Budisa, Nediljko-
machines-10-00008-v2.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2021Optimizing the Sharpening Process of Hybrid-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels by Means of a Process ModelUhlmann, Eckart; Muthulingam, Arunan-
2021-12-17_MODUS-COVID_Bericht_v2.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2021MODUS-COVID Bericht vom 17.12.2021Müller, Sebastian Alexander; Charlton, William; Conrad, Natasa Djurdjevac; Ewert, Ricardo; Paltra, Sydney; Rakow, Christian; Wulkow, Hanna; Conrad, Tim; Schütte, Christof; Nagel, Kai-