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fsufs-06-883069.pdf.jpg19-May-2022Influence of Process Operation on the Production of Exopolysaccharides in Arthrospira platensis and Chlamydomonas asymmetricaJung, Sun-Hwa; Zell, Niklas; Boßle, Fabian; Teipel, Ulrich; Rauh, Cornelia; McHardy, Christopher; Lindenberger, Christoph-
applsci-12-05127-v2.pdf.jpg19-May-2022Modal Decomposition of the Precessing Vortex Core in a Hydro Turbine ModelLitvinov, Ivan; Sharaborin, Dmitriy; Gorelikov, Evgeny; Dulin, Vladimir; Shtork, Sergey; Alekseenko, Sergey; Oberleithner, Kilian-
fnut-09-808346.pdf.jpg19-May-2022High Protein Diets Improve Liver Fat and Insulin Sensitivity by Prandial but Not Fasting Glucagon Secretion in Type 2 DiabetesZhang, Jiudan; Pivovarova-Ramich, Olga; Kabisch, Stefan; Markova, Mariya; Hornemann, Silke; Sucher, Stephanie; Rohn, Sascha; Machann, Jürgen; Pfeiffer, Andreas F. H.-
plants-11-01342-v2.pdf.jpg18-May-2022Alterations of Content and Composition of Individual Sulfolipids, and Change of Fatty Acids Profile of Galactolipids in Lettuce Plants (Lactuca sativa L.) Grown under Sulfur NutritionKörber, Tania T.; Frantz, Noah; Sitz, Tobias; Abdalla, Muna A.; Mühling, Karl H.; Rohn, Sascha-
urbansci-06-00033.pdf.jpg17-May-2022Impact of Car-Sharing and Ridesourcing on Public Transport Use: Attitudes, Preferences, and Future Intentions Regarding Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Post-Soviet CityTarnovetckaia, Rozaliia; Mostofi, Hamid-
fevo-10-790340.pdf.jpg16-May-2022Interactions of Functional Traits With Native Status and Ecosystem Novelty Explain the Establishment of Plant Species Within Urban Ecosystems: Evidence From Berlin, GermanyKnapp, Sonja; von der Lippe, Moritz; Kowarik, Ingo-
toxics-10-00248-v2.pdf.jpg16-May-2022Transfer of Pesticide Residues from Grapes (Vitis vinifera) into Wine—Correlation with Selected Physicochemical Properties of the Active SubstancesKittelmann, Arno; Müller, Carola; Rohn, Sascha; Michalski, Britta-
processes-10-00977-v3.pdf.jpg13-May-2022Thermal Operation Maps for Lamm–Honigmann Thermo-Chemical Energy Storage—A Quasi-Stationary Model for Process AnalysisThiele, Elisabeth; Ziegler, Felix-
JOItmC-08-00091-v2.pdf.jpg13-May-2022The EU’s Gain (Loss) from More Emission Trading Flexibility—A CGE Analysis with Parallel Emission Trading SystemsKhabbazan, Mohammad M.-
fluids-07-00166-v2.pdf.jpg10-May-2022Aerodynamic Optimization of a Reduced Scale Model of a Ground Vehicle with a Shape Morphing TechniqueErdem, Ceyhan; Eulalie, Yoann; Gilotte, Philippe; Harries, Stefan; Nayeri, Christian Navid-
fnhum-16-833528.pdf.jpg9-May-2022The Embodiment of Architectural Experience: A Methodological Perspective on Neuro-ArchitectureWang, Sheng; Sanches de Oliveira, Guilherme; Djebbara, Zakaria; Gramann, Klaus-
PSSR_PSSR202200002.pdf.jpg9-May-2022Adsorbate‐Induced Modifications in the Optical Response of the Si(553)–Au SurfaceChandola, Sandhya; Sanna, Simone; Hogan, Conor; Speiser, Eugen; Plaickner, Julian; Esser, Norbert-
land-11-00701-v2.pdf.jpg7-May-2022People’s Attitudes and Emotions towards Different Urban Forest Types in the Berlin Region, GermanyLippert, Henry; Kowarik, Ingo; Straka, Tanja M.-
fncom-16-769860.pdf.jpg6-May-2022Cross-Frequency Slow Oscillation–Spindle Coupling in a Biophysically Realistic Thalamocortical Neural Mass ModelJajcay, Nikola; Cakan, Caglar; Obermayer, Klaus-
Kirchner_etal_Moving_2022.pdf.jpg6-May-2022Moving beyond UberKirchner, Stefan; Dittmar, Nele; Ziegler, Emilia Sophie-
remotesensing-14-02201.pdf.jpg5-May-2022Recomputation and Updating of MOLA GeolocationXiao, Haifeng; Stark, Alexander; Chen, Hao; Oberst, Jürgen-
FernandezLopez_etal_Photoinduced_2022.pdf.jpg4-May-2022Photoinduced reaction mechanisms in prototypical and bathy phytochromesFernández López, María; Dahl, Margarethe; Velázquez Escobar, Francisco; Bonomi, Hernán Ruy; Kraskov, Anastasia; Michael, Norbert; Mroginski, Maria Andrea; Scheerer, Patrick; Hildebrandt, Peter-
fmech-08-904282.pdf.jpg4-May-2022Influence of Wear Profile Geometry on Critical Plane Fatigue Crack Initiation Criteria in Plane and Axisymmetric Elastic Fretting ContactsWillert, Emanuel-
fnagi-14-819576.pdf.jpg3-May-2022Neural Bases of Age-Related Sensorimotor Slowing in the Upper and Lower LimbsMarusic, Uros; Peskar, Manca; De Pauw, Kevin; Omejc, Nina; Drevensek, Gorazd; Rojc, Bojan; Pisot, Rado; Kavcic, Voyko-
Appelganc_etal_How_2022.pdf.jpg3-May-2022How much reliability is enough? A context-specific view on human interaction with (artificial) agents from different perspectivesAppelganc, Ksenia; Rieger, Tobias; Roesler, Eileen; Manzey, Dietrich-