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2018Growth rate dependent impact of oscillating glucose conditions on Escherichia coli physiology: electronical supplementBrand, Eva-
madkour_sherif.pdf.jpg2018Structure and molecular dynamics of thin films of homopolymers and miscible polymer blendsMadkour, Sherif A.-
koegler_martin.pdf.jpg2018Advanced Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoringKögler, Martin-
ex_patricia.pdf.jpg2018Neue Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsmethoden im stationären SektorEx, Patricia-
lemic_filip.pdf.jpg2018Enhanced location information and its application for improving wireless networksLemić, Filip-
steinberg_simon_johannes.pdf.jpg2018Learning control algorithms for an unsteady stator vane flow fieldSteinberg, Simon Johannes-
2018Firm strategies and consumer behavior under market-based sustainability policiesNaegele, Helene Blanche-
ngapmen_jean_pierre.pdf.jpg2018Le défi de l’ethique rationelle dans la dynamique du développement à l’heure de la mondialisationNgapmen, Jean Pierre-
falck_carsten.pdf.jpg2018Preparation of the satellite receiving station at Ny-Ålesund for upcoming satellite missions by means of new made-to-measure antenna operation softwareFalck, Carsten-
nowak_anna.pdf.jpg2018Optimizing human Treg stability and target specificity for therapeutic applicationsNowak, Anna-
2018Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integrationLin, Chin-Teng; Chiu, Te-Cheng; Wang, Yu-Kai; Chuang, Chun-Hsiang; Gramann, Klaus-
2018Spektroskopie an silizium- und kohlenstoffhaltigen Clustern: Dotierung und HybrideSavoca, Marco-
muelow-stollin_ulrike.pdf.jpg2018Zum Verhalten ausgewählter Triazolfungizide in der Umwelt und unter technischen BedingungenMülow-Stollin, Ulrike-
klemm_hagen.pdf.jpg2018Formation and properties of ultrathin silicon dioxide films on Ru(0001)Klemm, Hagen William-
2018Gas-phase activation of CO2 and CH4 by selected transition-metal complexes: ligand effects and the role of the metalFirouzbakht, Marjan-
glazyrina_julia.pdf.jpg2018Endophytes as source of polypeptide and polyketide antibiotics fengycin and bacillaeneGlazyrina, Julia-
sehnert_christian.pdf.jpg20183D‐Seismikinterpretation, Struktur‐ und Attributanalyse sowie Visualisierung submariner Canyons, Mud Volcanoes und Pockmarks am Kontinentalhang des Nigerdelta‐BeckensSehnert, Christian-
2018Development of an aircraft noise emission model accounting for flight parametersZellmann, Christoph-
hamideh_ahi.pdf.jpg2018Supported liquid phase catalystsAhi, Hamideh-
müller_jo_ann.pdf.jpg2018Standardization and international business: evidence from German micro dataMüller, Jo-Ann-