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Dokument_29.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2011An 11-bit, 12.5-MHz, Low-Power, Low-Voltage, Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator in 0.13 µm CMOS TechnologyDi Gioia, Eugenio-
tr-2007-07.pdf.jpg200717th Edition of ECOOP Doctoral Symposium and PhD Workshop-Dig, Danny
tr-2007-10.pdf.jpg20071st Workshop on Model-driven Software Adaptation-Blair, Gordon; Bencomo, Nelly; France, Robert; Cebulla , Michael
tr-2007-08.pdf.jpg20071st Workshop on Refactoring Tools (WRT'07)-Dig, Danny; Cebulla, Michael
S1759078718000235.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2018A 216–256 GHz fully differential frequency multiplier-by-8 chain with 0 dBm output powerEissa, Mohamed Hussein; Malignaggi, Andrea; Ko, Minsu; Schmalz, Klaus; Borngräber, Johannes; Ulusoy, Ahmet Cagri; Kissinger, Dietmar-
24_ghz_lowpower_switchchannel_cmos_transceiver_for_wireless_localization.pdf.jpg201424 GHz low-power switch-channel CMOS transceiver for wireless localizationZhang, Tao; Hamidian, Amin; Shu, Ran; Subramanian, Viswanathan-
SOLR_SOLR202100244.pdf.jpg5-May-202127.9% Efficient Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells on Industry Compatible Bottom CellsKöhnen, Eike; Wagner, Philipp; Lang, Felix; Cruz, Alexandros; Li, Bor; Roß, Marcel; Jošt, Marko; Morales-Vilches, Anna B.; Topič, Marko; Stolterfoht, Martin; Neher, Dieter; Korte, Lars; Rech, Bernd; Schlatmann, Rutger; Stannowski, Bernd; Albrecht, Steve-
ehlke_moritz.pdf.jpg20213D reconstruction of anatomical structures from 2D X-ray imagesEhlke, Moritz-
hamidian_amin.pdf.jpg29-Jan-201460 GHz transceiver circuits in SiGe-HBT and CMOS technologiesHamidian, Amin-
oeztuerk_efe.pdf.jpg202060- and 122-GHz SiGe BiCMOS transceivers for FMCW radar applicationsÖztürk, Efe-
60_ghz_fully_differential_lna_in_90_nm_cmos_technology.pdf.jpg2013A 60 GHz fully differential LNA in 90 nm CMOS technologyMalignaggi, Andrea; Hamidian, Amin; Böck, Georg-
Dokument_51.pdf.jpg17-Apr-20127. Symposium Licht und Gesundheit-Völker, Stephan
symposium_licht_8.pdf.jpg2-Apr-20148. Symposium Licht und Gesundheit-Stephan, Völker; Schumacher, Heike
symposium_licht_9.pdf.jpg20169. Symposium Licht und Gesundheit-Völker, Stephan; Schumacher, Heike
danisevskis_janis.pdf.jpg2017Accelerated secure GUI for virtualized mobile handsetsDanisevskis, Janis-
corici_andreea_ancuta.pdf.jpg2020Access control for M2M infrastructures in 5G networksCorici, Andreea Ancuta-
computation-08-00037-v2.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2020Accurate Energy and Performance Prediction for Frequency-Scaled GPU KernelsFan, Kaijie; Cosenza, Biagio; Juurlink, Ben-
Dokument_36.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2011Accurate Prediction of Protein-Coding Genes with Discriminative Learning TechniquesSchweikert, Gabriele-
Dokument_30.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2008Achievable Rates and Coding Strategies for the Two-Way Relay ChannelSchnurr, Clemens-
25-Jul-2009ACT-R Model for Predicting Performance in the DSF TaskHalbrügge, Marc-