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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
PhysRevB.96.041124.pdf.jpg2017Coherent coupling of individual quantum dots measured with phase-referenced two-dimensional spectroscopy: Photon echo versus double quantum coherenceDelmonte, Valentin; Specht, Judith F.; Jakubczyk, Tomasz; Höfling, Sven; Kamp, Martin; Schneider, Christian; Langbein, Wolfgang; Nogues, Gilles; Richter, Marten; Kasprzak, Jacek-
njp12_10_105012.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2012Current relaxation due to hot carrier scattering in grapheneSun, Dong; Divin, Charles; Mihnev, Momchil; Winzer, Torben; Malic, Ermin; Knorr, Andreas; Sipe, John E.; Berger, Claire; de Heer, Walt A.; First, Phillip N.; Norris, Theodore B.-
njp_18_4_043037.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2016Efficient and exact numerical approach for many multi-level systems in open system CQEDGegg, Michael; Richter, Marten-
barkemeyer_kisa.pdf.jpg2022Entanglement generation in non-Markovian waveguide quantum electrodynamicsBarkemeyer, Kisa Henriette-
christiansen_dominik.pdf.jpg2022From terahertz to X-rayChristiansen, Dominik-
jestaedt_rene.pdf.jpg2020Fully coupled Maxwell-Kohn-Sham systemsJestädt, René-
buchholz_florian.pdf.jpg2021Many electrons and the photon fieldBuchholz, Florian Konrad Friedrich-
finsterhoelzl_regina.pdf.jpg2021Non-Markovian open quantum many-body system dynamicsFinsterhölzl, Regina Anna-
kaestle_oliver.pdf.jpg2021Open quantum system theory from an information perspectiveKästle, Oliver-
franke_sebastian_robert.pdf.jpg2020Quantization of quasinormal modes in dissipative mediaFranke, Sebastian Robert-
Barkemeyer_et_al-2020.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2019Revisiting quantum feedback control: disentangling the feedback‐induced phase from the corresponding amplitudeBarkemeyer, Kisa; Finsterhölzl, Regina; Knorr, Andreas; Carmele, Alexander-
njp13_10_105024.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2013Stabilization of photon collapse and revival dynamics by a non-Markovian phonon bathCarmele, Alexander; Knorr, Andreas; Milde, Frank-
njp_20_1_013006.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2018Superradiant to subradiant phase transition in the open system Dicke model: dark state cascadesGegg, Michael; Carmele, Alexander; Knorr, Andreas; Richter, Marten-
zhou_yuanyuan.pdf.jpg2020Surface phase diagrams including anharmonic effects via a replica-exchange grand-canonical methodZhou, Yuanyuan-
njp13_2_025004.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2013Using localized double-quantum-coherence spectroscopy to reconstruct the two-exciton wave function of coupled quantum emittersSchlosser, Felix; Knorr, Andreas; Mukamel, Shaul; Richter, Marten-
entropy-22-00984.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2020Using Matrix-Product States for Open Quantum Many-Body Systems: Efficient Algorithms for Markovian and Non-Markovian Time-EvolutionFinsterhölzl, Regina; Katzer, Manuel; Knorr, Andreas; Carmele, Alexander-