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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
kaczmarczyk_andrzej.pdf.jpg2021Algorithmic aspects of resource allocation and multiwinner voting: theory and experimentsKaczmarczyk, Andrzej-
molter_hendrik.pdf.jpg2020Classic graph problems made temporal – a parameterized complexity analysisMolter, Hendrik-
algorithms-09-00017.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2016Co-Clustering under the Maximum NormBulteau, Laurent; Froese, Vincent; Hartung, Sepp; Niedermeier, Rolf-
Froese_etal_Comparing_2020.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2020Comparing temporal graphs using dynamic time warpingFroese, Vincent; Jain, Brijnesh; Niedermeier, Rolf; Renken, Malte-
Bentert_etal_Efficient_2020.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2020Efficient computation of optimal temporal walks under waiting-time constraintsBentert, Matthias; Himmel, Anne-Sophie; Nichterlein, André; Niedermeier, Rolf-
bentert_matthias.pdf.jpg2021Elements of dynamic and 2-SAT programming: paths, trees, and cutsBentert, Matthias-
fluschnik_till.pdf.jpg2020Elements of efficient data reduction: fractals, diminishers, weights and neighborhoodsFluschnik, Till-
Froese_Renken_Fast_2020.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2020A fast shortest path algorithm on terrain-like graphsFroese, Vincent; Renken, Malte-
algorithms-08-00810.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2015Finding Supported Paths in Heterogeneous NetworksFertin, Guillaume; Komusiewicz, Christian; Mohamed-Babou, Hafedh; Rusu, Irena-
Casteigts_etal_2021_pdf.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2021Finding Temporal Paths Under Waiting Time ConstraintsCasteigts, Arnaud; Himmel, Anne-Sophie; Molter, Hendrik; Zschoche, Philipp-
Bevern_etal_h-Index_2020.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2020h-Index manipulation by undoing mergesBevern, René van; Komusiewicz, Christian; Molter, Hendrik; Niedermeier, Rolf-
luo_etal_2021.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2021A Parameterized Complexity View on Collapsing k-CoresLuo, Junjie; Molter, Hendrik; Suchý, Ondřej-
Luo_etal_Parameterized_2021.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2020Parameterized dynamic cluster editingLuo, Junjie; Molter, Hendrik; Nichterlein, André; Niedermeier, Rolf-
Mertzios_etal_Power_2020.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2020The power of linear-time data reduction for maximum matchingMertzios, George B.; Nichterlein, André; Niedermeier, Rolf-
Niedermeier_Paul_Preface_2021.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2021Preface of STACS 2019 Special IssueNiedermeier, Rolf; Paul, Christophe-