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schumann_etal_1992.pdf.jpg19921-[4-{1,1′,1″,1‴,1′′′′-(1,3-Cyclopentadien-1,2,3,4,5-pentayl)pentakis}]-(4,1-phenylen)-alkanone und -benzoesäure pentaalkylester und deren Natrium- und Thallium(I)-KomplexeSchumann, Herbert; Kucht, Homa; Kucht, Andreas-
c6dt01895e.pdf.jpg20161H NMR spectroscopic elucidation in solution of the kinetics and thermodynamics of spin crossover for an exceptionally robust Fe2+ complexPetzold, Holm; Djomgoue, Paul; Hörner, Gerald; Speck, J. Matthäus; Rüffer, Tobias; Schaarschmidt, Dieter-
10.1515.znb-2005-0104.pdf.jpg20052,5-Dimethyl-3,6-bis[(2,6-diisopropylphenylimino)methyl]- and 2,6-Bis[(2,6-diisopropylphenylimino)methyl]pyrazine: Two New Chelating Ligands for Transition Metal ComplexesSchumann, Herbert; Luo, He-Kuan-
c5sc02560e.pdf.jpg20152nd coordination sphere controlled electron transfer of iron hangman complexes on electrodes probed by surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopyLy, Hoang Khoa; Wrzolek, Pierre; Heidary, Nina; Götz, R.; Horch, Marius; Kozuch, Jacek; Schwalbe, Matthias; Weidinger, Inez M.-
fpls-09-00498.pdf.jpg24-Apr-20183D Structures of Plant Phytochrome A as Pr and Pfr From Solid-State NMR: Implications for Molecular FunctionSong, Chen; Mroginski, Maria Andrea; Lang, Christina; Kopycki, Jakub; Gärtner, Wolfgang; Matysik, Jörg; Hughes, Jon-
wiedemann-et-al-2014.pdf.jpg20143d-and 4d-metal(II) complexes of a tris(pyridyl)ethane-derived N-4 ligand – a structural study and reactivity remarksWiedemann, Dennis; Grohmann, Andreas-
jes_168_3_034508.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2021Accelerated Degradation Protocols for Iridium-Based Oxygen Evolving Catalysts in Water Splitting DevicesSpöri, Camillo; Brand, Cornelius; Kroschel, Matthias; Strasser, Peter-
pareek_manish.pdf.jpg2017Activation of boron–boron, tin–silicon, and tin–tin bondsPareek, Manish-
wahlefeld_stefan.pdf.jpg2018Activation of H2 and CO2Wahlefeld, Stefan Malte-
c9fd00059c.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2019Activation of tetrafluoropropenes by rhodium(i) germyl and silyl complexesTalavera, Maria; Müller, Robert; Ahrens, Theresia; von Hahmann, Cortney N.; Braun-Cula, Beatrice; Kaupp, Martin; Braun, Thomas-
Feng_etal_Activation_2020.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2020Activation of the Si–B interelement bond related to catalysisFeng, Jian-Jun; Mao, Wenbin; Zhang, Liangliang; Oestreich, Martin-
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2006Active-Site Isolation for the Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene: the Pd-Ga and Pd-Sn Intermetallic CompoundsOsswald, Jürgen-
beck_benjamin.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2014Activity determining parameters on catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation reactions of short chain hydrocarbonsBeck, Benjamin-
Dokument_5.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2012Activity, stability, and degradation mechanisms of platinum and platinum alloy nanoparticle PEM fuel cell electrocatalystsHasché, Frédéric-
oehm_stefan.pdf.jpg2016Adaptation of E. coli towards tryptophan analog usageOehm, Stefan-
c2sm26544c.pdf.jpg2012Adhesion of surfaces mediated by adsorbed particles: Monte Carlo simulations and a general relationship between adsorption isotherms and effective adhesion energiesStieger, Tillmann; Schoen, Martin; Weikl, Thomas R.-
zhao_xunhua.pdf.jpg2015Adsorbate-adsorbate interactions on metal and metal oxide surfacesZhao, Xunhua-
dementyev_petr.pdf.jpg2016Adsorption calorimetry on two-dimensional model catalystsDementyev, Petr-
nguyen_le_anh_thu.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2015Adsorption of non-ionic surfactants onto ultrafiltration membranes in aqueous and organic solutionsNguyen, Le Anh Thu-
Dokument_55.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2010Adsorption of Surfactants on Colloidal Silica: Effects of Surface Curvature on the Structure of Surface AggregatesLugo Quijada, Dersy Marileth-