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Dokument_53.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2010Active deformation in the southern Andes from GPS and FEM modelsMoreno, Marcos-
reiterer_etal_2010.pdf.jpg2010Application of artificial intelligence in Geodesy – A review of theoretical foundations and practical examplesReiterer, Alexander; Egly, Uwe; Vicovac, Tanja; Mai, Enrico; Moafipoor, Shahram; Grejner-Brzezinska, Dorota A.; Toth, Charles K.-
bauer_sven.pdf.jpg2017Application of one-way laser ranging data to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) for time transfer, clock characterization and orbit determinationBauer, Sven-
remotesensing-11-00989.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2019Assessment of Different Stochastic Models for Inter-System Bias between GPS and BDSJiang, Nan; Xu, Tianhe; Xu, Yan; Xu, Guochang; Schuh, Harald-
Dokument_39.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2006Augmented Reality - Positionsgenaue Einblendung räumlicher Informationen in einem See Through Head Mounted Display für die Medizin am Beispiel der LeberchirurgieSuthau, Tim-
Dokument_24.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2005Ausgleichungsrechnung und raumbezogene InformationssystemeGielsdorf, Frank-
mathematics-08-00502-v2.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2020Automatic Calibration of Process Noise Matrix and Measurement Noise Covariance for Multi-GNSS Precise Point PositioningZhang, Xinggang; Li, Pan; Tu, Rui; Lu, Xiaochun; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
fuls_2007.pdf.jpg2007The calculation of the lunar series on classic Maya monumentsFuls, Andreas-
Cui_etal_Calibrating_2021.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2021Calibrating receiver-type-dependent wide-lane uncalibrated phase delay biases for PPP integer ambiguity resolutionCui, Bobin; Li, Pan; Wang, Jungang; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
Asgarimehr_et_al-2018-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2018Can GNSS reflectometry detect precipitation over oceans?Asgarimehr, Milad; Zavorotny, Valery; Wickert, Jens; Reich, Sebastian-
aa34867-18.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2019Characterisation of the Perseid meteoroid stream through SPOSH observations between 2010–2016Margonis, Anastasios; Christou, Apostolos; Oberst, Jürgen-
remotesensing-13-03388-v2.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2021A Comparative Study on the Solar Radiation Pressure Modeling in GPS Precise Orbit DeterminationTang, Longjiang; Wang, Jungang; Zhu, Huizhong; Ge, Maorong; Xu, Aigong; Schuh, Harald-
Haase_et_al-2019-Earth_and_Space_Science.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2018Coordinates and maps of the Apollo 17 landing siteHaase, Isabel; Wählisch, Marita; Gläser, Philipp; Oberst, Jürgen; Robinson, Mark S.-
Männel_etal_Correcting_2020.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2019Correcting surface loading at the observation level: impact on global GNSS and VLBI station networksMännel, Benjamin; Dobslaw, Henryk; Dill, Robert; Glaser, Susanne; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Thomas, Maik; Schuh, Harald-
JGRE_JGRE21319.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2020Crustal Porosity of Lunar Impact BasinsWahl, Daniel; Wieczorek, M. A.; Wünnemann, K.; Oberst, Jürgen-
remotesensing-11-02595-v2.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2019A Decentralized Processing Schema for Efficient and Robust Real-time Multi-GNSS Satellite Clock EstimationJiang, Xinyuan; Gu, Shengfeng; Li, Pan; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
wahl_daniel.pdf.jpg2021Density and porosity of the upper lunar crust from combined analysis of gravity and topography dataWahl, Daniel-
simeonov_tzvetan.pdf.jpg2021Derivation and analysis of hydrological parameters from ground-based GNSS stationsSimeonov Simeonov, Tzvetan-
john_steffen.pdf.jpg2016Deriving incline for street networks from voluntarily collected GPS tracesJohn, Steffen-
sensors-18-02187.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2018Determination of intensity-based stochastic models for terrestrial laser scanners utilising 3D-point cloudsWujanz, Daniel; Burger, Mathias; Tschirschwitz, Felix; Nietzschmann, Tassilo; Neitzel, Frank; Kersten, Thomas P.-