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Series Issue NumberTitleAuthor(s)
1996, 496Triangulations of Cyclic Polytopes and higher Bruhat OrdersRambau, Jörg
1996, 498On the Hardness of Allocating Frequencies for Hybrid NetworksMalesińska, Ewa; Panconesi, Alessandro
1996, 500Switchbox Routing in VLSI Design: Closing the Complexity GapHartmann, Stephan; Schäffter, Markus W.; Schulz, Andreas S.
1996, 504The Role of Synthetic Geometry in Representational Measurement TheoryWille, Uta
1996, 506A Simple Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Forests with Unit Processing Times and Zero-One Communication DelaysMöhring, Rolf H.; Schäffter, Markus W.
1996, 509Improved Scheduling Algorithms for Minsum CriteriaChakrabarti, Soumen; Phillips, Cynthia A.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Shmoys, David B.; Stein, Cliff; Wein, Joel
1996, 514Approximation Algorithms for the Discrete Time-Cost Tradeoff ProblemSkutella, Martin
1996, 515Volume Segmentation of 3-dimensional ImagesFiorio, Christophe; Gustedt, Jens
1996, 516Scheduling to Minimize Average Completion Time: Off-line and On-line Approximation AlgorithmsHall, Leslie A.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Shmoys, David B.; Wein, Joel
1996, 523Memory Management for Union-Find AlgorithmsFiorio, Christophe; Gustedt, Jens
1996, 524Efficient and practical modular decompositionDahlhaus, Elias; Gustedt, Jens; McConnell, Ross
1996, 533Scheduling-LPs Bear Probabilities: Randomized Approximations for Min-Sum CriteriaSchulz, Andreas S.; Skutella, Martin
1996, 535Base Polytopes of Series-Parallel Posets: Linear Description and OptimizationSchrader, Rainer; Schulz, Andreas S.; Wambach, Georg
1996, 536Improved Bounds on Relaxations of a Parallel Machine Scheduling ProblemPhillips, Cynthia A.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Shmoys, David B.; Stein, Cliff; Wein, Joel
1996, 542On the NP-Completeness of Channel and Switchbox Routing ProblemsHartmann, Stephan
1997, 546Hypersurfaces with Locally Symmetric Conormal ConnectionWiehe, Martin
1997, 549Random-Based Scheduling: New Approximations and LP Lower BoundsSchulz, Andreas S.; Skutella, Martin
1997, 550Weak-Order Extensions of an OrderBertet, Karell; Gustedt, Jens; Morvan, Michel
1997, 551Linear-Time register allocation for a fixed number of registers and no stack variablesBodlaender, Hans; Gustedt, Jens; Telle, Jan Arne
1997, 554Complexity and Modeling Aspects of Mesh Refinement into QuadrilateralsMöhring, Rolf H.; Müller-Hannemann, Matthias