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Series Issue NumberTitleAuthor(s)
2007-22Bayesian inference for motion control and planningToussaint, Marc
2008-01Reconfigurable Petri Systems with Negative Application ConditionsRein, Alexander
2008-02Sufficient Criteria for Applicability and Non-Applicability of Rule SequencesLambers, Leen; Ehrig, Hartmut; Taentzer, Gabriele
2008-03From Model Transformation to Model Integration based on the Algebraic Approach to Triple Graph GrammarsEhrig, Hartmut; Ehrig, Karsten; Hermann, Frank
2008-04Forking, Scratching und Re-MergingIshii, Kei; Lutterbeck, Bernd; Pallas, Frank
2008-05On the Relationship of Model Transformations Based on Triple and Plain Graph Grammars (Long Version)Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Hermann, Frank
2008-06Towards Partial Composition of Components: Formal Foundation for Component VerificationPadberg, Julia
2008-07Transformation of Type Graphs with Inheritance for Ensuring Security in E-Government Networks (Long Version)Hermann, Frank; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia
2008-08CCFL – A Concurrent Constraint Functional LanguageHofstedt, Petra
2008-09Process Denition of Adhesive HLR Systems (Long Version)Hermann, Frank
2008-11Sufficient Criteria for Consistent Behavior Modeling with Refined Activity Diagrams: Long VersionLambers, Leen; Jurack, Stefan; Mehner, Katharina; Runge, Olga; Taentzer, Gabriele
2008-12Behavior Preservation in Model Refactoring using DPO Transformations with Borrowed ContextsRangel, Guilherme; Lambers, Leen; König, Barbara; Ehrig, Hartmut; Bladan, Paolo
2008-13Semantical Correctness and Completeness of Model Transformations using Graph and Rule Transformation: Long VersionEhrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia
2008-14HAIR: Hierarchical Architecture for Internet RoutingFeldmann, Anja; Bush, Randy; Cittadini, Luca; Maennel, Olaf; Mühlbauer, Wolfgang
2008-15Counting Idempotent RelationsKammüller, Florian
2009-01Object Flow Definition for Refined Activity Diagrams: Long VersionJurack, Stefan; Lambers, Leen; Mehner, Katharina; Taentzer, Gabriele; Wierse, Gerd
2009-02On the Potential of Flow-Based Routing in Multihomed EnvironmentsManilici, Vlad; Wundsam, Andreas; Feldmann, Anja; Zerfos, Petros; Sombrutzki, Robert; Singh, Jatinder; Vidales, Pablo
2009-03Completeness and Correctness of Model Transformations based on Triple Graph Grammars with Negative Application Conditions (Long Version)Ehrig, Hartmut; Hermann, Frank; Sartorius, Christoph
2009-04Evolution of Model Transformations by Model Refactoring: Long VersionEhrig, Hartmut; Ehrig, Karsten; Ermel, Claudia
2009-07Model-based Semantic Conflict Analysis for Software- and Data-Integration ScenariosAgt, Henning; Bauhoff, Gregor; Widiker, Jürgen; Kutsche, Ralf-Detlef; Milanovic, Nikola