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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
bayer_katharina.pdf.jpg20183 Essays on art ecommerce in the light of western commercial art marketsBayer, Katharina-
danisevskis_janis.pdf.jpg2017Accelerated secure GUI for virtualized mobile handsetsDanisevskis, Janis-
entropy-19-00349-v2.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2017Artificial Noise-Aided Physical Layer Security in Underlay Cognitive Massive MIMO Systems with Pilot ContaminationAl-Hraishawi, Hayder; Baduge, Gayan Amarasuriya Aruma; Schaefer, Rafael F.-
gulenko_anton.pdf.jpg2020Autonomic self-healing in cloud computing platformsGulenko, Anton-
werner_ecaade2018_303.pdf.jpg2018Biological Computation of PhysarumWerner, Liss C.-
entropy-21-00128.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2019Characterizing Complex Networks Using Entropy-Degree Diagrams: Unveiling Changes in Functional Brain Connectivity Induced by AyahuascaViol, Aline; Palhano-Fontes, Fernanda; Onias, Heloisa; de Araujo, Draulio B.; Hövel, Philipp; Viswanathan, Gandhi M.-
werner_ecaade2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017A cloud recycling lightWerner, Liss C.-
cloud-und_open_source-basierte_integrationsplattformen_2.Auflage.pdf.jpg2019Cloud- und Open Source-basierte IntegrationsplattformenTheilig, Max-Marcel; Pröhl, Thorsten; Felfeli, Jonas; Holz, JuliaZarnekow, Rüdiger
ladenbauer_josef.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2015The collective dynamics of adaptive neuronsLadenbauer, Josef-
bassbouss_louay.pdf.jpg2020Concepts and models for creating distributed multimedia applications and content in a multiscreen environmentBassbouss, Louay-
limbach_felix.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2015Cooperative value creation and cost reduction strategies in a disintegrated telecommunications value chainLimbach, Felix-
kneer_frederike.pdf.jpg2016Cortical spreading depression in reaction-diffusion modelsKneer, Frederike-
werner_disegno-EN_2018.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2018Cybernetic Drawing. A Unifying Language of Pask’s Cybernetics and Computer Art in GermanyWerner, Liss C.-
cybernetics_state_of_the_art_2017.pdf.jpg2017Cybernetics: state of the artWerner, Liss C.; Bunschoten, Raoul; Fantini van Ditmar, Delfina; Espejo, Raúl; Hohl, Michael; Jachna, Timothy; Jain, Arun; Khan, Omar; Kloeckl, Kristian; Pangaro, PaulWerner, Liss C.
CYBERNETIFICATION_I_cybernetics_feedback_netcraft_in_architecture.pdf.jpg2017CYBERNETIFICATION I: Cybernetics Feedback Netgraft in ArchitectureWerner, Liss C.-
schulz-etal_ecaade2018.pdf.jpg2018Data Flow – a GIS based interactive planning tool for educational facilitiesSchulz, Daniel; Reiter, Felix; Metche, Alexander; Werner, Liss C.-
traub_jonas.pdf.jpg2019Demand-based data stream gathering, processing, and transmissionTraub, Jonas-
nordholz_jan.pdf.jpg2017Design and provability of a statically configurable hypervisorNordholz, Jan-
ali_mohammed.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2015Design of low-power K-band circuits in CMOS technologyAli, Mohammed Kamal Abdelrahman-
werner_2019_.pdf.jpg2019Disruptive Material Intelligence of Physarum: Liquid Architecture of a Biological Geometry ComputerWerner, Liss C.-