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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
corici_andreea_ancuta.pdf.jpg2020Access control for M2M infrastructures in 5G networksCorici, Andreea Ancuta-
Jan-2018ACT-R model for: A Cognitive Modeling Approach to Strategy Formation in Dynamic Decision MakingSabine, Prezenski-
eryilmaz-sigwarth_elif.pdf.jpg2020Adaptive quality of context optimization in the Internet of Things: models and methodsEryilmaz-Sigwarth, Elif-
talmon-nimrod.pdf.jpg2016Algorithmic aspects of manipulation and anonymization in social choice and social networksTalmon, Nimrod-
analyse_airbnb.pdf.jpg2016Analyse der Wohnungsbewertungen von AirbnbSchlesinger, Daniel; Zarnekow, Rüdiger; Repschläger, Jonas-
shangguan_ming.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2014Analysis and derivation of the spatial and temporal distribution of water vapor from GNSS observationsShangguan, Ming-
Dokument_46.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2011Anpassung und AbgrenzungKändler, Wolfram C.-
appendic_P3.pdf.jpg2016Appendices for: Improper Signaling in Two-Path Relay ChannelsGaafar, Mohamed; Amin, Osama; Schaefer, Rafael F.; Alouini, Mohamed-Slim-
elmangoush_asma.pdf.jpg2016Application-derived communication protocol selection in M2M platforms for smart citiesElmangoush, Asma Abdalla-
14-Mar-2018Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responsesKokabi, Omid; Brinkmann, Fabian; Weinzierl, Stefan-
Dokument_15.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2000Aufbau eines Experten- und Informationssystems der RaumfahrtLeppich, Jürgen-
maier_enrico.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2013Aufmerksamkeitsunabhängige Informationsübertragung in Mensch-Maschine-SystemenMaier, Enrico-
stoehr_daniel.pdf.jpg20-May-2014Automated composition of timed services in medical applicationsStöhr, Daniel-
diener_matthias.pdf.jpg2015Automatic task and data mapping in shared memory architecturesDiener, Matthias-
quade_michael.pdf.jpg2015Automation in model-based usability evaluation of adaptive user interfaces by simulating user interactionQuade, Michael-
khader_osama.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2014Autonomous framework for supporting energy efficiency and communication reliability for periodic data flows in wireless sensor networksKhader, Osama-
heras_evangelio_ruben.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2014Background subtraction for the detection of moving and static objects in video surveillanceHeras Evangelio, Rubén-
loeser_alexander.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2013Beyond searchLöser, Alexander-
lindlbauer_david.pdf.jpg2018Bridging the virtual world and the physical world with optically dynamic interfacesLindlbauer, David-
clouddienste_im_hochschuleinsatz_2016-2017.pdf.jpg2018Clouddienste im Hochschuleinsatz 2016/2017-Hildmann, Thomas