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heras_evangelio_ruben.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2014Background subtraction for the detection of moving and static objects in video surveillanceHeras Evangelio, Rubén-
readme.pdf.jpgSep-2021Berlin-APC: A Privacy-Friendly Dataset for Automated Passenger Counting in Public TransportSeidel, Robert; Zarafeta, Dimitra; Siebert, Michael; Dastgheib Shirazi, Ramtin; Seo, Sambu; Goerttler, Thomas; Obermayer, Klaus-
loeser_alexander.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2013Beyond searchLöser, Alexander-
lindlbauer_david.pdf.jpg2018Bridging the virtual world and the physical world with optically dynamic interfacesLindlbauer, David-
clouddienste_im_hochschuleinsatz_2016-2017.pdf.jpg2018Clouddienste im Hochschuleinsatz 2016/2017-Hildmann, Thomas
Cloudspeicher im Hochschuleinsatz.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2014Cloudspeicher im Hochschuleinsatz-Kao, Odej; Hildmann, Thomas
cloudspeicher_hochschuleinsatz_2015.pdf.jpg2016Cloudspeicher im Hochschuleinsatz 2015-Kao, Odej; Hildmann, Thomas
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2012Clustering and Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si AlloysLiang, Zeqin-
BATT_BATT202000244.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2020Comparison of Chloroaluminate Melts for Aluminum Graphite Dual‐Ion Battery ApplicationElia, Giuseppe Antonio; Hoeppner, Katrin; Hahn, Robert-
shastry_bhargava.pdf.jpg2018Compiler assisted vulnerability assessmentShastry, Bhargava-
giese_sven.pdf.jpg2021Computational methods and machine learning for crosslinking mass spectrometry data analysisGiese, Sven Hans-Joachim-
wilhelm-weidner_arno.pdf.jpg2020Conception and evaluation of e-learning units regarding motivation and acquired competencies for theoretical computer science at university levelWilhelm-Weidner, Arno-
kouhi_yashar.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2014Contributions to the control of hybrid and switched linear systemsKouhi Anbaran, Yashar-
kliem_andreas.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2015Cooperative Device CloudKliem, Andreas-
niroomand_rad_helia.pdf.jpg2019Coupled system of Maxwell equations and circuit equations in electro-magnetismNiroomand Rad, Helia-
bajpai_etal_2019.pdf.jpgJan-2019The Dagstuhl Beginners Guide to Reproducibility for Experimental Networking ResearchBajpai, Vaibhav; Brunstrom, Anna; Feldmann, Anja; Kellerer, Wolfgang; Pras, Aiko; Schulzrinne, Henning; Smaragdakis, Georgios; Wählisch, Matthias; Wehrle, Klaus-
renner_thomas.pdf.jpg2018Data and container placement in scalable data analytics platformsRenner, Thomas-
data-04-00016.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2019Data Governance and Sovereignty in Urban Data Spaces Based on Standardized ICT Reference ArchitecturesCuno, Silke; Bruns, Lina; Tcholtchev, Nikolay; Lämmel, Philipp; Schieferdecker, Ina-
Dokument_23.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2000De novo synthetisierte Proteine mit MetalloporphyrinkofaktorenFahnenschmidt, Monika-
daehne_sven.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2015Decomposition methods for the fusion of multimodal neuroimaging dataDähne, Sven-