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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
reinjury_alexander.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2013Feature constraint propagation along configuration links for advanced feature modelsRein-Jury, Alexander-
koeppel_martin.pdf.jpg2017Filling disocclusions in extrapolated virtual views using advanced texture synthesis methodsKöppel, Martin-
mueller_julius.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2014Flexible cross layer optimization for fixed and mobile broadband telecommunication networks and beyondMueller, Julius-
saidi_etal_2018.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2018Flowtree: Enabling Distributed Flow Summarization at ScaleSaidi, Said Jawad; Foucard, Damien; Smaragdakis, Georgios; Feldmann, Anja-
tetzlaff_dirk.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2014A framework for machine learning based mapping of concurrent applications to parallel architecturesTetzlaff, Dirk-
gruhn_helena.pdf.jpg2016A framework for reliable and dynamic wireless sensor-actuator networksGruhn, Helena-
Reicherdt_Robert.pdf.jpg2015A framework for the automatic verification of discrete-time MATLAB simulink models using BoogieReicherdt, Robert-
schioeberg_doris.pdf.jpg23-May-2014From online social network usage to the design of distributed online social networksSchiöberg, Doris-
kayaoglu_nuri.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2013A Generic Approach for Dynamic Business Model EvaluationKayaoglu, Nuri-
thomas_gervin.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2014A generic implementation of a quantified predictor applied to a DRAM power-saving policyThomas, Gervin-
rake_revelant_jannis.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2013Geschäftsprozessorientierte Service Discovery auf Basis heterogener semantischer BeschreibungenRake-Revelant, Jannis-
guse_dennis.pdf.jpg2017Gesture-based user authentication on mobile devices using accelerometer and gyroscopeGuse, Dennis-
stocker_etal_2017.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2017The growing complexity of content delivery networks: Challenges and implications for the Internet ecosystemStocker, Volker; Smaragdakis, Georgios; Lehr, William; Bauer, Steven-
Cloud_IKM_08.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2013Grundlagen des Cloud ComputingLabes, StineZarnekow, Rüdiger
Cloud_IKM_09.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2013Grundlagen des Cloud ComputingLabes, StineZarnekow, Rüdiger
dmp_guidance_horizon2020_v1-0.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2018Guidance for Creating a Data Management Plan in Horizon 2020 ProjectsKuberek, Monika-
Dokument_33.pdf.jpg10-Jan-2001Herstellung ultradünner Polymerfilme und Untersuchung ihrer GastreneigenschaftenMacht, Christian-
fatemi_adel.pdf.jpg2019A highly efficient 40-Gbps modulator driver circuit for Silicon photonic optical communicationFatemi, Adel-
slama_dirk.pdf.jpg2019IgniteWorx: Design and evaluation of a system-supported methodology for IIoT project setupSlama, Dirk-
hohlfeld_oliver.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2014Impact of buffering on quality of experienceHohlfeld, Oliver-