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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
eberhardt_jacob.pdf.jpg2021Scalable and privacy-preserving off-chain computationsEberhardt, Jacob-
schelter_sebastian.pdf.jpg2016Scaling data mining in massively parallel dataflow systemsSchelter, Sebastian-
goendoer_sebastian.pdf.jpg2018Seamless interoperability and data portability in the social web for facilitating an open and heterogeneous online social network federationGöndör, Sebastian Jürg-
entropy-20-00340.pdf.jpg3-May-2018Secure and Reliable Key Agreement with Physical Unclonable FunctionsGünlü, Onur; Kernetzky, Tasnad; İşcan, Onurcan; Sidorenko, Vladimir; Kramer, Gerhard; Schaefer, Rafael-
peters_daniel.pdf.jpg2017A secure system architecture for measuring instruments under legal controlPeters, Daniel-
fellmuth_joachim.pdf.jpg2021Securing real-time cyber-physical systems using artificial software diversityFellmuth, Joachim-
hetzelt_felicitas.pdf.jpg2022Security analysis of hardware-OS interfaces in LinuxHetzelt, Felicitas-
ermakova_tatiana.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2015Security and acceptance of cloud computing in healthcareErmakova, Tatiana-
willner_alexander.pdf.jpg2016Semantic-based management of federated infrastructures for future internet experimentationWillner, Alexander-
rodriguez-garzon_deva_2019.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2019Sensafety: Crowdsourcing the Urban Sense of SafetyRodriguez Garzon, Sandro; Deva, Bersant-
stanik_alexander.pdf.jpg2016Service level agreement mediation, negotiation and evaluation for cloud services in intercloud environmentsStanik, Alexander-
wekel_tilman.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2014Shape and topology from noisy triangulated surfaces in a multiple view reconstruction toolchainWekel, Tilman-
4-Oct-2021SimRa Rides Berlin 01/21 - 09/21Bermbach, David; Karakaya, Ahmet-Serdar-
2-Feb-2021SimRa Rides Berlin 06/19 - 12/20Bermbach, David-
Mostafaei_etal_SNR_2021_Cover.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2021SNR: Network-aware geo-distributed stream analyticsMostafaei, Habib; Afridi, Shafi; Abawajy, Jemal H.-
koerner_marc.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2015Software defined networking based data-center servicesKörner, Marc F.-
Dokument_10.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2013Sound in space - space in sound-Supper, Martin; Weinzierl, Stefan
hueske_fabian.pdf.jpg2016Specification and optimization of analytical data flowsHüske, Fabian-
Unke_etal_SpookNet_2021.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2021SpookyNet: Learning force fields with electronic degrees of freedom and nonlocal effectsUnke, Oliver T.; Chmiela, Stefan; Gastegger, Michael; Schütt, Kristof T.; Sauceda, Huziel E.; Müller, Klaus-Robert-
busse_anselm_diplomarbeit.pdf.jpg2018SSD-basiertes Caching von BlockgerätenBusse, Anselm-