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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
1-Feb-2018Multi-channel RSS measurements on TWISTErgin, Mustafa Onur-
lohse-etal_ecaade2018.pdf.jpg2018Multi-Dimensional Interface Based Spatial AdaptionLohse, Theresa; Fujii, Ryuta; Werner, Liss C.-
sureshputhalath_lalith.pdf.jpg2016On predictable performance for distributed systemsSuresh Puthalath, Lalith-
ganji_fatemeh.pdf.jpg2017On the learnability of physically unclonable functionsGanji, Fatemeh-
tajik_shahin.pdf.jpg2017On the physical security of physically unclonable functionsTajik, Shahin-
susemihl_alex.pdf.jpg27-May-2015Optimal population coding of dynamic stimuliKunze Susemihl, Alex-
skowronek_janto.pdf.jpg2017Quality of experience of multiparty conferencing and telemeeting systemsSkowronek, Janto-
ergin_mustafa_onur.pdf.jpg2018Relative node position discovery in wireless sensor networksErgin, Mustafa Onur-
entropy-19-00480-v4.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2017Robust Biometric Authentication from an Information Theoretic PerspectiveGrigorescu, Andrea; Boche, Holger; Schaefer, Rafael F.-
mikityuk_alexandra.pdf.jpg2017Secure remote service execution for web media streamingMikityuk, Alexandra-
mueller_steffen.pdf.jpg2017Security trade-offs in Cloud storage systemsMüller, Steffen-
agt-rickauer_henning.pdf.jpg2020Supporting domain modeling with automated knowledge acquisition and modeling recommendationsAgt-Rickauer, Henning-
levin_daniel.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2014Toward principled enterprise network managementLevin, Daniel-
2016_herzog_et-al.pdf.jpg2016Towards automatic music recommendation for audio branding scenariosHerzog, Martin; Lepa, Steffen; Egermann, Hauke-
albondakji-etal_ecaade2018.pdf.jpg2018VR-visualization of High-dimensional Urban DataAl Bondakji, Louna; Chatzi, Anna-Maria; Heidari Tabar, Minoo; Wesseler, Lisa-Marie; Werner, Liss C.-