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mathcalmadhesive_transformation_systems_part_1.pdf.jpg2014M-adhesive transformation systems with nested application conditions. Part 1: parallelism, concurrency and amalgamationEhrig, Hartmut; Golas, Ulrike; Habel, Annegret; Lambers, Leen; Orejas, Fernando-
2016MAC Based Dynamic VLAN Tagging with OpenFlow for WLAN Access NetworksKoerner, Marc; Kao, Odej-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2009Machine Learning for Application-Layer Intrusion DetectionRieck, Konrad-
Dokument_9.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2009Machine Learning for Genomic Sequence AnalysisSonnenburg, Soeren-
Dokument_21.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2010Machine Learning for Text Indexing: Concept Extraction, Keyword Extraction and Tag RecommendationMurfi, Hendri-
Dokument_11.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2009Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Drug DesignSchroeter, Timon-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2009Machine Learning Methods for Life Sciences: Intelligent Data Analysis in Bio- and ChemoinformaticsMohr, Johannes-
schubotz_moritz.pdf.jpg2012Making math searchable in WikipediaSchubotz, Moritz-
2018Managing cloud ecosystemsSlawik, Mathias-
Dokument_42.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2009Managing Complex Variability in Automotive Software Product Lines with Subscoping and Configuration LinksReiser, Mark-Oliver-
10.1007_978-3-319-57753-1_9.pdf.jpg2017Maritime cognitive workload assessmentMiklody, Daniel; Uitterhoeve, Wendie M.; Heel, Dimitri van; Klinkenberg, Kerstin; Blankertz, Benjamin-
Dokument_53.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2011Massively Parallel Data Processing on Infrastructure as a Service PlatformsWarneke, Daniel-
10.1007_s00453-016-0252-6.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2016Matchings with lower quotas: algorithms and complexityArulselvan, Ashwin; Cseh, Ágnes; Groß, Martin; Manlove, David F.; Matuschke, Jannik-
Dokument_41.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2002Matrizen- und zustandsraumreduzierende Verfahren zur Leistungsbewertung großer stochastischer PetrinetzeFreiheit, Jörn-
Dokument_49.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2002Maximum a Posteriori Models for Cortical Modeling: Feature Detectors, Topography and ModularityWeber, Cornelius-
Dokument_15.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2012Mechanical Verification of Parameterized Real-Time SystemsGöthel, Thomas-
Dokument_10.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2010A mechanized Theory of AspectsSudhof, Henry-
Dokument_11.pdf.jpg26-May-2006Mehrdimensionale Multiressourcenplanung mit ConstraintlösernMatzke, Dirk-
Dokument_33.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2009A Method for the User-centered and Model-based Development of Interactive ApplicationsFeuerstack, Sebastian-
Dokument_50.pdf.jpg4-Oct-2007Methoden zur Geschwindigkeitsoptimierung von LogiksimulationsverfahrenNeunast, Till-