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sparka_etal_2018.pdf.jpg1-May-2018P2KMV: A Privacy-preserving Counting Sketch for Efficient and Accurate Set Intersection Cardinality EstimationsSparka, Hagen; Tschorsch, Florian; Scheuermann, Björn-
Dokument_49.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2002PAC-Bayesian Pattern Classification with kernelsGraepel, Thore-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2012Papnet: An order-preserving and latency-aware P2P Overlay and its ApplicationsRaack, Martin-
Dokument_16.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2009A Paradigmatic Approach for the Melodic AnalysisAdiloglu, Kamil-
Wang_et-al_2015.pdf.jpg2015Parallel H.264/AVC motion compensation for GPUs using OpenCLWang, Biao; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Chi, Chi Ching; Juurlink, Ben-
10.1016.j.image.2014.10.003.pdf.jpg2015A parallel H.264/SVC encoder for high definition video conferencingSanz-Rodríguez, Sergio; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Mayer, Tobias; Schierl, Tobias-
10.1007.s11265-012-0714-2.pdf.jpg2013Parallel HEVC Decoding on Multi- and Many-core ArchitecturesChi, Chi Ching; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Lucas, Jan; Juurlink, Ben; Schierl, Thomas-
Alvarez-Mesa_et-al_2012.pdf.jpg2012Parallel video decoding in the emerging HEVC standardÁlvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Chi, Chi Ching; Juurlink, Ben; George, Valeri; Schierl, Thomas-
Dokument_52.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2011Parameterized Algorithmics for Network AnalysisKomusiewicz, Christian-
Dokument_46.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2010Parsing Mixfix Expressions. Dealing with User-Defined Mixfix Operators EfficientlyWieland, Jacob-
Dokument_32.pdf.jpg22-May-2008A Partitioning-Centric Approach for the Modeling and the Methodical Design of Automotive Embedded Systems ArchitecturesKebemou, Augustin-
1-s2.0-S187705091300714X-main.pdf.jpg2012Passenger Agent and Paratransit Operator Reaction to Changes of Service Frequency of a Fixed Train LineNeumann, Andreas; Nagel, Kai-
Dokument_9.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2005Patientenorientierte interaktive Visualisierung medizinischer BilddatenKöchy, Kai-
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg7-May-2004Patientenorientierte Verarbeitung und Präsentation medizinischer BilddatenTschirley, René-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2006Ein Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management System basierend auf Topic Maps zur Unterstützung von WissensflüssenSchwotzer, Thomas-
meder_plumbaum_hopfgartner_2013.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2013Perceived and Actual Role of Gamification PrinciplesMeder, Michael; Plumbaum, Till; Hopfgartner, Frank-
de_Frutos-Lopez_et-al_2012.pdf.jpg2012Perceptually-aware bilateral filtering for quality improvement in low bit rate video codingde-Frutos-López, Manuel; Medina-Chanca, Helen; Sanz-Rodríguez, Sergio; Peláez-Moreno, Carmen; Díaz-de-María, Fernando-
Dokument_7.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2002Performance of sequential batching-based methods of output data analysis in distributed steady-state stochastic simulationMota, Edjair de Souza-
Dokument_29.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2009A Performance Test Design Method and its Implementation Patterns for Multi-Services SystemsDin, George-
Poster_implications.pdf.jpg2011Poster: implications of merging phases on scalability of multi-core architecturesManivannan, Madhavan; Juurlink, Ben; Stenstrom, Per-