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Dokument_37.pdf.jpg25-May-2010The influence and significance of cross-order terms in interface mobilities for structure-borne sound source characterizationBonhoff, Hannes-
2018Influence of a TESb flush on InAs/GaAs submonolayer stacksQuandt, Paul David Maximilian-
aido_marta.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2015The influence of age and mechanical loading on bone structure and mechanical propertiesAido, Marta Isabel Fernandes do-
Dokument_3.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2010Influence of alloying elements on the microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded Mg-Zn based alloysMeza García, Enrique-
james_nisha.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2014The influence of an amino acid permease on diacetyl production during beer fermentationJames, Nisha-
Dokument_26.pdf.jpg4-Oct-2012Influence of cultural characteristics on designers’ approaches – an empirical studyGautam, Vivek-
Dokument_17.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2012Influence of defects, phonons and strain on the luminescence properties of nitride- and arsenide-based quantum dotsOstapenko, Irina-
zerball_maximilian.pdf.jpg2016The influence of different types of water on the water distribution and the swelling behavior of polyelectrolyte multilayersZerball, Maximilian-
10.1016j.cherd.2013.12.023.pdf.jpg2014Influence of drop size and superimposed mass transfer on coalescence in liquid/liquid dispersions - Test cell design for single drop investigationsKamp, Johannes; Kraume, Matthias-
schulze_frank.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015The influence of engineered and non-engineered nanoparticles on mesenchymal stromal cellsSchulze, Frank-
Dokument_17.pdf.jpg8-May-2009Influence of Extrusion Parameters and Recipe Compounds on Flavor Formation and its QuantificationRausch, Tobias-
Dokument_45.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2012The influence of femoral component malalignment on the biomechanics of the knee after total knee arthroplastyKönig, Christian-
Dokument_22.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2008The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on the Corporate Governance Environment - Conceptual Analyses and Empirical EvidenceNedopil, Christoph-
Dokument_39.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2012The influence of geothermal plants on the biogeochemistry of the microbial ecosystems in aquifersVetter, Alexandra-
soares.marcus.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2015The influence of high infiltration rates, suspended sediment concentration and sediment grain size on river and lake bed cloggingSoares, Marcus-
Springer_et_al_1998.pdf.jpg1998Influence of Hydrolytic and Chemical Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Aramid and Copolyaramid FibersSpringer, H.; Abu Obaid, A.; Prabawa, A.B.; Hinrichsen, G.-
2018The influence of impeller designs on the performance of a vortex pumpGerlach, Angela-
2015The Influence of ITO Dopant Density on J-V Characteristics of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells: Experiments and SimulationsKirner, Simon; Hartig, Manuel; Mazzarella, Luana; Korte, Lars; Frijnts, Tim; Scherg-Kurmes, Harald; Ring, Sven; Stannowski, Bernd; Rech, Bernd; Schlatmann, Rutger-
maciejewski_nagel_2014.pdf.jpg2014The Influence of Multi-agent Cooperation on the Efficiency of Taxi DispatchingMaciejewski, Michał; Nagel, Kai-
26-Jun-2018The influence of nanomaterials on the thermal resistance of cement-based composites – a reviewPawel, Sikora; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-