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sadeev_tagir.pdf.jpg2016Mode-locking, dynamic and nonlinear optical properties of MOVPE-grown InAs/InP quantum-dot and quantum-dash lasersSadeev, Tagir-
c4cp03704a.pdf.jpg2014The model case of an oxygen storage catalyst - non-stoichiometry, point defects and electrical conductivity of single crystalline CeO2-ZrO2-Y2O3 solid solutionsEufinger, Jens-Peter; Daniels, Maximilian; Schmale, Kerstin; Berendts, Stefan; Ulbrich, Gregor; Lerch, Martin; Wiemhöfer, Hans-Dieter; Janek, Jürgen-
winter_kirste_orig.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2001Model Checking Abstract State MachinesWinter, Kirsten-
Dokument_35.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2003Model checking combined Z and Statechart specificationsBüssow, Robert-
pockrandt_marcel.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2014Model checking memory-related properties of hardware/software codesignsPockrandt, Marcel-
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2003A model for the digital representation and transaction of complex pricing and ordering for high-value spatial products and servicesWagner, Roland M.-
finke_sebastian.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2014A model for the environmental assessment of time resolved electricity mixes including tradeFinke, Sebastian-
2019Model for tooth development in vitroRosowski, Jennifer-
Illenberger_etal_2011.pdf.jpg2011A Model of Risk-Sensitive Route-Choice Behavior and the Potential Benefit of Route GuidanceIllenberger, Johannes; Flötteröd, Gunnar; Nagel, Kai-
du_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Model Predictive Control for a Small Scale Unmanned HelicopterDu, Jianfu; Kondak, Konstantin; Bernard, Markus; Zhang, Yaou; Lü, Tiansheng; Hommel, Günter-
peredo-fuentes_humberto.pdf.jpg2017Model reduction of components and assemblies made of composite materials as part of complex technical systems to simulate the overall dynamic behaviourPeredo Fuentes, Humberto-
lux_thibaut.pdf.jpg2017Model uncertainty, improved Fréchet-Hoeffding bounds and applications in mathematical financeLux, Thibaut-
huang_hua.pdf.jpg2016Model-based calibration of automated transmissionsHuang, Hua-
1-s2.0-S1570644315000222-main.pdf.jpg2015Model-based design for restoration of a small urban riverLange, Carsten; Schneider, Matthias; Mutz, Schneider; Haustein, Martin; Halle, Martin; Seidel, Michael; Sieker, Heiko; Wolter, Christian; Hinkelmann, Reinhard-
2015Model-based evaluation environment for sustainabilityOertwig, Nicole; Wintrich, Nikolaus; Jochem, Roland-
anane_emmanuel.pdf.jpg2019Model-based strategies for scale-down studies in fed-batch cultivation of Escherichia coli expressing proinsulinAnane, Emmanuel-
Dokument_46.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2009Model-based testing of real-time embedded systems in the automotive domainZander-Nowicka, Justyna-
Dokument_1.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2004Model-Driven Development of QoS-Enabled Distributed ApplicationsWeis, Torben-
grothe_daniela.pdf.jpg2016Modeling and analysis of holographic microgratings for high-density recordingGrothe, Daniela-
Dokument_41.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2010Modeling and Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems using Automatic Retransmission Request ProtocolsGiovanidis, Anastasios-