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INTRODUCTION_to_cybernertics_state_of_the_art.pdf.jpg2017Introduction [to: Cybernetics: state of the art]Werner, Liss C.-
Wierschem_Rueck-Braun_2006.pdf.jpg2006Introduction of Substituents on the 2-Oxo-piperazine Skeleton by [3+2] Cycloaddition and Subsequent TransformationWierschem, Frank; Rück-Braun, Karola-
10.1107.S160057671601904X.pdf.jpg2016Introduction to the special issue on small-angle scatteringGradzielski, Michael; Allen, Andrew J.-
ullrich_peter.pdf.jpg2010Introduction: Prevent and TameUllrich, Peter; Papst, Andrea; Heßdörfer, Florian-
10.1515.PIKO.2004.228.pdf.jpg2004Intrusion Detection in Unlabeled Data with Quarter-sphere Support Vector MachinesLaskov, Pavel; Schäfer, Christin; Kotenko, Igor; Müller, Klaus-Robert-
chiarini_alberto.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2015Invariance principle for diffusions in degenerate and unbounded random environmentChiarini, Alberto-
Wiedemann-2017.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2017Invariom-model refinement and Hirshfeld surface analysis of well-ordered solvent-free dibenzo-21-crown-7Wiedemann, Dennis; Kohl, Julia-
Dokument_43.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2006The Invention of the Historic City - Building the Past in East Berlin 1970-1990Urban, Florian-
applsci-08-01354-v2.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2018Inverse analysis of cellulose by using the energy-based method and a rotational rheometerAbali, Bilen Emek-
wiedemann_2018.pdf.jpg2018The inverse perovskite BaLiF3: single-crystal neutron diffraction and analyses of potential ion pathwaysWiedemann, Dennis; Meutzner, Falk; Fabelo, Oscar; Ganschow, Steffen-
gunkel_michels_invertebraten.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2013Invertebraten im Trinkwasser-Ripl, Klaus; Scheideler, Michael; Michels, Ute; Gunkel, Günter
michels_ute.pdf.jpg2018Invertebraten in TrinkwasserverteilungssystemenMichels, Ute-
1541931215591255.pdf.jpg2015Investigating benefits of likelihood alarm systems in presence of alarm validity informationWiczorek, Rebecca; Balaud, Magali; Manzey, Dietrich-
fpsyg-09-02289.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2018Investigating Established EEG Parameter During Real-World DrivingProtzak, Janna; Gramann, Klaus-
komassi_et-al.pdf.jpg2013Investigating short term strategies in product sustainability index implementation, a case study at IKEAKomassi, Ehsan; Pal, Rudrajeet-
perrin_elsa.pdf.jpg2019Investigating silica nanoparticles/polymer compositesPerrin, Elsa-
hashimdeen_shaikh_shimaz.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2014Investigating T-cell interactions towards cultivation requirementsHashimdeen, Shaikh Shimaz-
aspart_florian.pdf.jpg2018Investigating the effects of weak extracellular fields on single neurons: a modelling approachAspart, Florian-
1-s2.0-S2212827115004874-main.pdf.jpg2015Investigating the energy consumption of the PECM process for consideration in the selection of manufacturing process chainsSwat, Martin; Rebschläger, Andreas; Trapp, Kirsten; Stock, Tim; Seliger, Günther; Bähre, Dirk-
Dokument_33.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2009Investigating the Technical Possibilities of Real-time Interaction with Simulations of Mobile Intelligent ParticlesStrippgen, David-