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c3dt32596b.pdf.jpg2013C-N coupling in the gas-phase reactions of ammonia and [M(CH)](+) (M = Ni, Pd, Pt): a combined experimental/computational exerciseKretschmer, Robert; Schlangen, Maria; Schwarz, Helmut-
MATSim_Kap32_2016.pdf.jpg2016CaDyTS: Calibration of Dynamic Traffic SimulationsNagel, Kai; Zilske, Michael; Flötteröd, Gunnar-
blankenstein_katharina.pdf.jpg2019The calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporine A activates the renal Na-(K)-Cl cotransporters via local and systemic mechanismsBlankenstein, Katharina Ilse-
c4cp05015k.pdf.jpg2015Calculating average surface enhancement factors of randomly nanostructured electrodes by a combination of SERS and impedance spectroscopyKozuch, Jacek; Petrusch, N.; Gkogkou, Dimitra; Gernert, Ulrich; Weidinger, Inez M.-
fuls_2007.pdf.jpg2007The calculation of the lunar series on classic Maya monumentsFuls, Andreas-
hasbun_chavarria_yamil.pdf.jpg2019Calculative imaginationsHasbun Chavarría, Yamil-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg24-May-2012The Calculus of Climate Policy. Carbon Pricing and Technology Policies for Climate Change MitigationKalkuhl, Matthias-
Dokument_46.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2012Calibration and Multipath Mitigation for Increased Accuracy of Time-of-Flight Camera Measurements in Robotic ApplicationsFuchs, Stefan-
27-Jun-2019Calibration of choice model parameters in a transport scenario with heterogeneous traffic conditions and income dependencyAgarwal, Amit; Ziemke, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
moyo_oliveros_manuel.pdf.jpg28-May-2014Calibration of public transit routing for multi-agent simulationMoyo Oliveros, Manuel-
systor2017-fig2.pdf.jpg2017Call Graph Generated by Simulation-Based Tracing and ProfilingBusse, Anselm; Karnapke, Reinhardt; Parzyjegla, Helge-
c5sm01558h.pdf.jpg2015Calorimetric evidence for a mobile surface layer in ultrathin polymeric films: poly(2-vinyl pyridine)Madkour, Sherif; Yin, Huajie; Füllbrandt, Marieke; Schönhals, Andreas-
campus_salzufer.pdf.jpg2018Campus Salzufer-Pasel, Ralf; Loidl-Reisch, Cordula
6-Nov-2018Can GNSS reflectometry detect precipitation over oceans?Asgarimehr, Milad; Zavorotny, Valery; Wickert, Jens; Reich, Sebastian-
Dokument_7.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2012Capacitated Network Design - Multi-Commodity Flow Formulations, Cutting Planes, and Demand UncertaintyRaack, Christian-
Dokument_43.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2012Capacity Computation and Duality for Wireless Communication SystemsBühler, Jörg-
Dokument_5.pdf.jpg12-May-2006Capacity Enhancement of Mobile Radio Networks Using Intermediate RelaysMengesha Aberra, Seble-
10.1186.s40694-014-0005-8.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2014The capacity of Aspergillus niger to sense and respond to cell wall stress requires at least three transcription factors: RlmA, MsnA and CrzAFiedler, Markus R. M.; Lorenz, Annett; Nitsche, Benjamin M.; Hondel, Cees A. M. J. J. van den; Ram, Arthur F. J.; Meyer, Vera-
17-Jul-2019Capsule Networks for Object Detection in UAV ImageryMekhalfi, Mohamed Lamine; Bejiga, Mesay Belete; Soresina, Davide; Melgani, Farid; Demir, Begüm-
anvarhusen_etal_2007.pdf.jpg2007Carbamoyl Derivatives of a Pyridine-Based TetraamineBilakhiya, Anvarhusen K.; Heinemann, Frank W.; Grohmann, Andreas-