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shieh_etal.pdf.jpg2014Earthquake risk in urban street networkShieh, Esmaeil; Habibi, Kyoumars; Torabi, Kamal; Masoumi, Houshmand E.-
bmt-2012-4207.pdf.jpg2012ECG, PPG and ABP sensor fusion for a PCA-based respiratory activity estimationMann, Steffen; Orglmeister, Reinhold-
2018Echtzeitsimulation leistungselektronischer Schaltungen für die Hardware-in-the-Loop-SimulationKiffe, Axel-
steinhilper_et-al.pdf.jpg2013Ecological analysis of manufacturing systems focusing on the identification of variety-induced non value adding emissionsSteinhilper, Rolf; Kruse, Andreas; Drews, Tom-
steinhilper_etal.pdf.jpg2013Ecological holistic assessment for production technologiesSteinhilper, Rolf; Süchting, Martin; Kruse, Andreas-
Dokument_39.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2012Econometric Analyses of Carbon Resource MarketsZaklan, Aleksandar-
Dokument_17.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2010Economic losses from tropical cyclones in the USA – An assessment of the impact of climate change and socio-economic effectsSchmidt, Silvio-
Kickhoefer_Benjamin.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2014Economic policy appraisal and heterogeneous usersKickhöfer, Benjamin-
Dokument_13.pdf.jpg2-May-2012Economic Valuation of Wetland Ecosystem Services.Accounting for wetland ecosystem service benefits in cost benefit analysis of river basin management options with case studies from the Elbe River Basin.Grossmann, Malte-
shereih_kenanah.pdf.jpg2016Economics modeling for petroleum exploration and production projects considering risk and imprecise dataShereih, Kenanah-
Dokument_4.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2007The Economics of Electronics Recycling: New Approaches to Extended Producer ResponsibilityBohr, Philipp-
may_nils.pdf.jpg2018The economics of financing and integrating renewable energiesMay, Nils Günter-
Dokument_19.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2012Economics of the Global Steam Coal Market - Modeling Trade, Competition and Climate PoliciesHaftendorn, Clemens-
elmer_carl-friedrich.pdf.jpg2016The economics of vehicle CO2 emissions standards and fuel economy regulationsElmer, Carl-Friedrich-
hirth_lion.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015The economics of wind and solar variabilityHirth, Lion-
s41598-017-15512-4.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2017Ectoine protects DNA from damage by ionizing radiationSchröter, Maria-Astrid; Meyer, Susann; Hahn, Marc Benjamin; Solomun, Tihomir; Sturm, Heinz; Kunte, Hans Jörg-
441495.pdf.jpg2016EditorialGerstorf, Denis; Bertram, Lars; Lindenberger, Ulman; Pawelec, Graham; Demuth, Ilja; Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth; Wagner, Gert G.-
werner_systema2015.pdf.jpgOct-2015Editorial for Special Issue 'Systema' - Architectural ecologies: code, culture and technologyWerner, Liss C.-
2-Aug-2019Editorial: Friction and Wear: From Elementary Mechanisms to Macroscopic BehaviorPohrt, Roman; Popov, Valentin L.-
Dokument_21.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2005Educational and social values expressed by proverbs in two culturesAhmed, Salwa-