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31-May-2017ACT-R model: "Modeling of Visual Search and Influence of Item Similarity"Lindner, Stefan; Rußwinkel, Nele; Ahrlt, Lennart; Neufeld, Max; Schattenhofer, Lukas-
Feb-2020Active Acoustic Contact Sensing for Soft Pneumatic ActuatorsZöller, Gabriel; Wall, Vincent; Brock, Oliver-
2016ALUPower: Data Dependent Power Consumption in GPUs - Research DataLucas, Jan; Juurlink, Ben-
ERP-Cognition-Dataset_Description_readme_.pdf.jpg2017Assessing the depth of cognitive processing as the basis for potential user-state adaptation - Data setNicolae, Irina-Emilia; Acqualagna, Laura; Blankertz, Benjamin-
14-Mar-2018Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responsesKokabi, Omid; Brinkmann, Fabian; Weinzierl, Stefan-
2015BCI under distraction: Motor imagery in a pseudo realistic environmentBrandl, Stephanie-
11-Jun-2021Berlin Robust Orientation Estimation Assessment Dataset (BROAD)Laidig, Daniel-
Jan-2019Brain-Computer Interface - Motor Imagery DataBlankertz, Benjamin; Vidaurre, Carmen; Sannelli, Claudia; Kübler, Andrea; Halder, Sebastian; Hammer, Eva-Maria-
nispel_isabelle_Gebaeudedokumentation.pdf.jpg2019Das Collegium Augusteum in WittenbergNispel, Isabelle-
20-Jul-2018Comparing Models of Visual Search in Heterogeneous Search FieldsLindner, Stefan; Arlt, Lennart; Russwinkel, Nele-
2020Corona Twitter Dataset: 16 February 2020 - 03 March 2020Brandl, Stephanie; Lassner, David-
May-2019Coupled Recursive Estimation for Online Interactive Perception of Articulated Objects -- Online IP DataMartin-Martin, Roberto-
8-Sep-2020Dari Dataset for Coreference ResolutionZia, Ghezal Ahmad Jan-
8-Aug-2020Dari Dataset for Named Entity Recognition DariNER2Zia, Ghezal Ahmad Jan-
readme.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2019Data for A Tutorial on the Proper Orthogonal DecompositionWeiss, Julien-
2019Data for the investigation of the task dependency of the attentional focus effectWähnert, Svetlana-
README.pdf.jpg2018Data from a sensorimotor adaptation experiment in virtual realityWähnert, Svetlana; Gerhards, Alexander-
21-Mar-2019Data to Articel: Dissolved organic matter characteristics of deciduous and coniferous forests with variable management: different at the source, aligned in the soilThieme, Lisa; Graeber, Daniel; Hofmann, Diana; Bischoff, Sebastian; Schwarz, Martin T.; Steffen, Bernhard; Meyer, Ulf-Niklas; Kaupenjohann, Martin; Wilke, Wolfgang; Michalzik, Beate; Siemens, Jan-
Documentation.pdf.jpgOct-2018A Database on Musicians’ Movements During Musical PerformancesAckermann, David; Böhm, Christoph; Weinzierl, Stefan-
23-Feb-2021Dataset to the thesis "Second life assessment of Lithium-ion cells obtained from portable electronics"Salinas, Felipe-