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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
tr-2007-07.pdf.jpg200717th Edition of ECOOP Doctoral Symposium and PhD Workshop-Dig, Danny
Report-022-2010.pdf.jpg20101D Vehicle Scheduling with ConflictsGellert, Torsten J.; König, Felix G.-
tr-2007-10.pdf.jpg20071st Workshop on Model-driven Software Adaptation-Blair, Gordon; Bencomo, Nelly; France, Robert; Cebulla , Michael
tr-2007-08.pdf.jpg20071st Workshop on Refactoring Tools (WRT'07)-Dig, Danny; Cebulla, Michael
ppr2003_06.pdf.jpg1-Mar-20032nd Order Shape Optimization using Wavelet BEMEppler, Karsten; Harbrecht, Helmut-
Report-015-2008.pdf.jpg2008A 3/2-approximation algorithm for finding spanning trees with many leaves in cubic graphsBonsma, Paul; Zickfeld, Florian-
Report-042-2004.pdf.jpg2004Acceleration of Shortest Path and Constrained Shortest Path ComputationKöhler, Ekkehard; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schilling, Heiko-
preprint-759-2002_v2.pdf.jpg24-Jun-2003Adapted Sparse Approximate Inverse Smoothers in Algebraic Multilevel MethodsBollhöfer, Matthias-
Preprint-03-2017.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2017Adaptive Refinement Strategies for the Simulation of Gas Flow in Networks using a Model HierarchyDomschke, Pia; Dua, Aseem; Stolwijk, Jeroen J.; Lang, Jens; Mehrmann, Volker-
Preprint-29-2015.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2015Adaptive Stochastic Galerkin FEM with Hierarchical Tensor RepresentationsEigel, Martin; Pfeffer, Max; Schneider, Reinhold-
tr-2007-14.pdf.jpg2007Adhesive High-Level Replacement Systems with Negative Application ConditionsLambers, Leen-
Preprint_656-1999.pdf.jpg29-Jan-1999Affine Bernstein problem on maximal hypersurfacesLi, An-Min; Jia, Fang-
Preprint_587-1998.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1998Affine Bibliography 1998Binder, Thomas; Simon, Udo; Wiehe, Martin-
Preprint_663-2000.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2000Affine surfaces in 4-dimensional affine space with planar geodesicsVrancken, Luc-
tr_2012-02.pdf.jpg2012An Algebraic Approach to Timed Petri Nets with Applications to Communication NetworksLingnau, Pascal; Gabriel, Karsten; Modica, Tony-
LosM06_ppt_updated.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2006Algebraic characterization of controllability and observability for second order descriptor systemsLosse, Philip; Mehrmann, Volker-
tr_2010-14.pdf.jpg2010Algebraic High-Level Nets and Processes Applied to Communication PlatformsGabriel, Karsten-
Preprint-03-2006.pdf.jpg6-Jan-2006An Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioner for a class of singular M-MatricesVirnik, Elena-
ppr2006_29.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2006Algorithmic Sensitivity Analysis in the Climate Model Climber 2Slawig, Thomas-
ppr2005_14.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2005Algorithmisches Differenzieren in Simulation und Optimalsteuerung von DifferentialgleichungenSlawig, Thomas-