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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
2016ACT-DroidDörr, Lisa-Madeleine; Russwinkel, Nele; Prezenski, Sabine-
25-Jul-2009ACT-R Model for Predicting Performance in the DSF TaskHalbrügge, Marc-
Jan-2018ACT-R model for: A Cognitive Modeling Approach to Strategy Formation in Dynamic Decision MakingSabine, Prezenski-
31-Oct-2020BIM-SPEED D2.2 BIM Family ontologiesPinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis; Hartmann, Timo-
31-Oct-2020BIM-SPEED D7.1 Multi-criteria decision making method and tool for housing renovation projectsPinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis; Hartmann, Timo-
13-Nov-2020BIM-Speed use case methodology toolkitBraun, Jan-Derrick; Steinjan, Jessica-
26-Sep-2017CE_Method. A MATLAB function for calculating the part load behaviour of absorption chillers and heat pumps based on (C)haracteristic (E)quationsAlbers, Jan-
15-Jun-2020Chat Bot for variant managementFresemann, Carina-
5-Jul-2021Cognitive Model for a Mental Rotation TaskPreuss, Kai-
22-Jun-2021Data for our paper "Robustness enhancement of machine fault diagnostic models for railway applications through data augmentation"Shi, Dachuan-
2019EES simulation model for the part load behaviour of single stage H2O/LiBr absorption chillersAlbers, Jan-
19-Jun-2019Enhanced Rate Control for Wireless Reliable Multicast (EWRiM)Geithner, Thomas-
27-May-2020GIS-based ontology for surrounding buildings to support building renovationDaneshfar, Maryam; Hartmann, Timo; Rabe, Jochen-
2019H2OLiBr_GF - Eine EES Bibliothek mit Stofffunktionen und deren partielle Ableitungen für H2O/LiBr LösungenAlbers, Jan-
25-Nov-2021Joint Link Rate Selection and Adaptive Forward Error Correction for High-Rate Wireless MulticastGeithner, Thomas-
19-May-2020KSPECTRUM_Htr16Scheucher, Markus-
1-Jun-2012Matlab Scripts for the Book "Analytic Methods of Sound Field Synthesis"Ahrens, Jens-
13-Jan-2022MATLAB/Simulink model for predicting voltage and impedance during discharge of a lithium-ion battery cellKim, Jonghyeon-
2-Sep-2020One-dimensional heat and mass transfer model for Vertical Greenery Systems - VGheat1DHoffmann, Karin-
2018Quality control for crowdsourced data from CWSGrassmann, Tom; Napoly, Adrien; Meier, Fred; Fenner, Daniel-