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Wadas et al. 2016.pdf.jpg2016High-resolution shear-wave seismic reflection as a tool to image near-surface subrosion structures – a case study in Bad Frankenhausen, GermanyWadas, Sonja Halina; Polom, Ulrich; Krawcyk, Charlotte M.-
Wiedemann-2015.pdf.jpg2015The high-temperature transformation from 1T-to 3R-LixTiS2 (x=0.7, 0.9) as observed in situ with neutron powder diffractionWiedemann, Dennis; Nakhal, Suliman; Senyshyn, Anatoliy; Bredow, Thomas; Lerch, Martin-
10.1007_s10562-016-1875-6.pdf.jpg13-Oct-2016Higher alcohol synthesis over Rh catalysts: conditioning of Rh/N-CNTs by Co and Mn entrapped in the supportXie, Zailai; Frank, Benjamin; Huang, Xing; Schlögl, Robert; Trunschke, Annette-
sadeev_etal_2015.pdf.jpg2015Highly efficient non-degenerate four-wave mixing under dual-mode injection in InP/InAs quantum-dash and quantum-dot lasers at 1.55 μmSadeev, Tagir; Huang, Heming; Arsenijević, Dejan; Schires, Kevin; Grillot, F.; Bimberg, Dieter-
c3cc48874h.pdf.jpg2014Highly enantioselective hydroamination to six-membered rings by heterobimetallic catalystsHussein, Lenard; Purkait, Nibadita; Biyikal, Mustafa; Tausch, Eugenia; Roesky, Peter W.; Blechert, Siegfried-
wang_2017.pdf.jpg2017Highly parallel HEVC decoding for heterogeneous systems with CPU and GPUWang, Biao; de Souza, Diego F.; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Chi, Chi Ching; Juurlink, Ben; Ilic, Aleksandar; Roma, Nuno; Sousa, Leonel-
c4cp02139h.pdf.jpg2014Highly regioselective hydride transfer, oxidative dehydrogenation, and hydrogen-atom abstraction in the thermal gas-phase chemistry of [Zn(OH)](+)/C3H8Wu, Xiao-Nan; Zhao, Hai-Tao; Li, Jilai; Schlangen, Maria; Schwarz, Helmut-
maroldt_1998.pdf.jpg1998‛Him, and ourselves, and it’: On the meaning of the ‛evidence poem’ in Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandMaroldt, Karl-
s12866-017-0960-3.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2017HisB as novel selection marker for gene targeting approaches in Aspergillus nigerFiedler, Markus R. M.; Gensheimer, Tarek; Kubisch, Christin; Meyer, Vera-
döring_etal_2000.pdf.jpg2000Hochvernetzte Poyethylene in der HüftendoprothetikDöring, M.; Willmann, G.; Boenick, Ulrich-
bmt-2012-4213.pdf.jpg2012Hollow fibres integrated in a microfluidic cell culture systemWinkelmann, Claudia; Luo, Y.; Lode, A.; Gelinsky, M.; Marx, Uwe; Sonntag, Frank-
c9cc08680c.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2019Homocoupling of CO and isocyanide mediated by a C,C′-bis(silylenyl)-substituted ortho-carboraneXiong, Yun; Yao, Shenglai; Szilvási, Tibor; Ruzicka, Ales; Drieß, Matthias-
Aubram_2016.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2016Homogeneous equilibrium model for geomechanical multi-material flow with compressible constituentsAubram, Daniel-
welker_etal_1999.pdf.jpg1999Homotopy colimits – comparison lemmas for combinatorial applicationsWelker, Volkmar; Ziegler, Günter M.; Živaljević, Rade T.-
schulz_etal.pdf.jpg2010Horizontal cooperation in disaster relief logisticsSchulz, Sabine F.; Blecken, Alexander-
schmoltzi_wallenburg.pdf.jpg2011Horizontal cooperations between logistics service providersSchmoltzi, Christina; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus-
2017_nimptsch_mansky.pdf.jpg2017Hospital volume and mortality for 25 types of inpatient treatment in German hospitalsNimptsch, Ulrike; Mansky, Thomas-
s40694-018-0054-5.pdf.jpg24-May-2018How a fungus shapes biotechnology: 100 years of Aspergillus niger researchCairns, Timothy C.; Nai, Corrado; Meyer, Vera-
2014_augustin_et-al.pdf.jpg2014How adaptation currents change threshold, gain, and variability of neuronal spikingLadenbauer, Josef; Augustin, Moritz; Obermayer, Klaus-
2013_augustin_et-al.pdf.jpg2013How adaptation shapes spike rate oscillations in recurrent neuronal networksAugustin, Moritz; Ladenbauer, Josef; Obermayer, Klaus-