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Marzi_John_2002.pdf.jpg2002Supporting fault diagnosis through a multi-agent architectureMarzi, Ruth; John, Patrick-
emmrich_2007.pdf.jpg2007Supraconvergence and Supercloseness of a Discretisation for Elliptic Third-kind Boundary-value Problems on Polygonal DomainsEmmrich, Etienne-
Emmrich_Grigorieff_2006.pdf.jpg2006Supraconvergence of a Finite Difference Scheme for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems of the Third Kind in Fractional Order Sobolev SpacesEmmrich, Etienne; Grigorieff, Rolf Dieter-
pickardt_staub_1996.pdf.jpg1996Supramolekulare chloridverbrückte Metall(II)chlorid-Diazin-Komplexe: Kristallstrukturen von [Cd(pyrazin)Cl2], [Zn(pyrazin)Cl2] und [Zn(pyrimidin)Cl2]Pickardt, Joachim; Staub, Benedikt-
c6cp02256a.pdf.jpg2016Surface adsorption of sulfonated poly(phenylene sulfone)/C(14)TAB mixtures and its correlation with foam film stabilityUhlig, Martin; Miller, Reinhard; Klitzing, Regine von-
2017Surface chemistry and stability of metastable corundum-type In2O3Köck, Eva-Maria; Kogler, Michaela; Zhuo, Chen; Schlicker, Lukas; Bekheet, Maged F.; Doran, Andrew; Gurlo, Aleksander; Penner, Simon-
c5cp01283j.pdf.jpg2015Surface enhanced resonance Raman detection of a catalytic intermediate of DyP-type peroxidaseTodorovic, Smilja; Hildebrandt, Peter; Martins, Ligia O.-
c4cc09498k.pdf.jpg2015Surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic evidence for an alternative DNA-independent redox activation of endonuclease IIIMoe, Elin; Sezer, Murat; Hildebrandt, Peter; Todorovic, Smilja-
26-Apr-2017Surface Patterning of Gold Nanoparticles on PEG-Based Hydrogels to Control Cell AdhesionRen, Fang; Yesildag, Cigdem; Zhang, Zhenfang; Lensen, Marga C.-
s41598-018-29585-2.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2017Surface plasmon resonance based sensor for the detection of glycopeptide antibiotics in milk using rationally designed nanoMIPsAltintas, Zeynep-
16-May-2017Surface Plasmon Resonance Immunosensor for the Detection of Campylobacter jejuniMasdor, Noor Azlina; Altintas, Zeynep; Tothill, Ibtisam E.-
c2sm25648g.pdf.jpg2012Surfactant adsorption and aggregate structure at silica nanoparticles: Effects of particle size and surface modificationBharti, Bhuvnesh; Meissner, Jens; Gasser, Urs; Findenegg, Gerhard H.-
Hempel_Töpfer_2009.pdf.jpg2009The Surveillance Consensus: Reviewing the Politics of CCTV in Three European CountriesHempel, Leon; Töpfer, Eric-
ullrich_wollinger.pdf.jpg2011A surveillance studies perspective on protest policingUllrich, Peter; Wollinger, Gina Rosa-
guljamow_etal_2013.pdf.jpg2013Survey Musik und Medien 2012Guljamow, Martin; Lepa, Steffen; Weinzierl, Stefan-
10-Jul-2019Survey of Finite Element Method-Based Real-Time SimulationsMarinković, Dragan; Zehn, Manfred-
23-Feb-2018Sustainability Assessment of Out-of-Home Meals: Potentials and Challenges of Applying the Indicator sets NAHGAST Meal-Basic and NAHGAST Meal-ProEngelmann, Tobias; Speck, Melanie; Rohn, Holger; Bienge, Katrin; Langen, Nina; Howell, Eva; Göbel, Christine; Friedrich, Silke; Teitscheid, Petra; Bowry, Jaya; Liedtke, Christa; Monetti, Silvia-
voss_jan-peter.pdf.jpg2005Sustainability foresightVoß, Jan-Peter-
2017Sustainability in Model-based Planning and Control of Global Value Creation NetworksOertwig, Nicole; Jochem, Roland; Knothe, Thomas-
14-May-2018The Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) for countriesChang, Ya-Ju; Lehmann, Annekatrin; Winter, Lisa; Finkbeiner, Matthias-