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mathcalmadhesive_transformation_systems_part_1.pdf.jpg2014M-adhesive transformation systems with nested application conditions. Part 1: parallelism, concurrency and amalgamationEhrig, Hartmut; Golas, Ulrike; Habel, Annegret; Lambers, Leen; Orejas, Fernando-
1-s2.0-S1877050916318270-main.pdf.jpg2016MAC Based Dynamic VLAN Tagging with OpenFlow for WLAN Access NetworksKoerner, Marc; Kao, Odej-
life-11-00044-v2.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2021Machine Learning Algorithms Applied to Identify Microbial Species by Their MotilityRiekeles, Max; Schirmack, Janosch; Schulze-Makuch, Dirk-
c9sc01742a.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2019Machine learning enables long time scale molecular photodynamics simulationsWestermayr, Julia; Gastegger, Michael; Menger, Maximilian F. S. J.; Mai, Sebastian; González, Leticia; Marquetand, Philipp-
milojevic-dupont-and-creutzig2020.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2020Machine learning for geographically differentiated climate change mitigation in urban areasMilojevic-Dupont, Nikola; Creutzig, Felix-
Unke_etal_Machine_2021.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2021Machine learning force fieldsUnke, Oliver T.; Chmiela, Stefan; Sauceda, Huziel E.; Gastegger, Michael; Poltavsky, Igor; Schütt, Kristof T.; Tkatchenko, Alexandre; Müller, Klaus-Robert-
e1603015.full.pdf.jpg2017Machine learning of accurate energy-conserving molecular force fieldsChmiela, Stefan; Tkatchenko, Alexandre; Sauceda, Huziel E.; Poltavsky, Igor; Schütt, Kristof T.; Müller, Klaus-Robert-
Gastegger_etal_Machine_2021.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2021Machine learning of solvent effects on molecular spectra and reactionsGastegger, Michael; Schütt, Kristof T.; Müller, Klaus-Robert-
Uhlmann_etal_Machine_2021.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2021Machine learning of surface layer property prediction for milling operationsUhlmann, Eckart; Holznagel, Tobias; Schehl, Philipp; Bode, Yannick-
remotesensing-12-03751.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2020Machine Learning-Aided Sea Ice Monitoring Using Feature Sequences Extracted from Spaceborne GNSS-Reflectometry DataZhu, Yongchao; Tao, Tingye; Yu, Kegen; Qu, Xiaochuan; Li, Shuiping; Wickert, Jens; Semmling, Maximilian-
heinemann_noussair_2015.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2015Macroeconomic experimentsHeinemann, Frank; Noussair, Charles-
entropy-20-00081-v2.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2018Macroscopic Internal Variables and Mesoscopic Theory: A Comparison Considering Liquid CrystalsPapenfuss, Christina; Muschik, Wolfgang-
fmech-06-567386.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2020Macroscopic Modeling of Fingerpad Friction Under Electroadhesion: Possibilities and LimitationsHeß, Markus; Forsbach, Fabian-
c2cp43048g.pdf.jpg2012Magnetic microemulsions based on magnetic ionic liquidsKlee, Andreas; Prevost, Sylvain; Kunz, Werner; Schweins, Ralf; Kiefer, Klaus; Gradzielski, Michael-
1-s2.0-S2352146516308559-main.pdf.jpg2016Maintaining Mobility in Substantial Urban Growth FuturesMoeckel, Rolf; Nagel, Kai-
bmj.d7657.full.pdf.jpg2011Major challenges ahead for Hungarian healthcareGaal, Peter; Szigeti, Szabolcs; Panteli, Dimitra; Gaskins, Matthew; Ginneken, Ewout van-
Borrelli_2014.pdf.jpg2014The making of an intrinsic property: “Symmetry heuristics” in early particle physicsBorrelli, Arianna-
ullrich_kausch_holze.pdf.jpg2012The making of the healthcare selfUllrich, Peter; Kausch, Stefan; Holze, Sigrun-
PaG 7(4) - Making Taste Public_ Industrialized Orders of Sensing and the Democratic Potential of Experimental Eating.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2019Making Taste Public: Industrialized Orders of Sensing and the Democratic Potential of Experimental EatingVoß, Jan-Peter; Guggenheim, Michael-
1-s2.0-S0301421516304050-main.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2016Making the implicit explicit: A look inside the implicit discount rateSchleich, Joachim; Gassmann, Xavier; Faure, Corinne; Meissner, Thomas-