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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
1.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2014Challenges in the Creation of Artificial Reverberation for Sound Field Synthesis: Early Reflections and Room ModesAhrens, Jens-
2016_eckhardt_et-al_pp_final.pdf.jpg2016Challenging incompleteness of performance requirements by sentence patternsEckhardt, Jonas; Vogelsang, Andreas; Femmer, Henning; Mager, Philipp-
ganiyusufoglu_oemer.pdf.jpg2013Chinese approaches to sustainable manufacturingGaniyusufoglu, Ömer Sahin-
liedtke_carolin_2014.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2014CIE Test Cases — Bewertung der Genauigkeit von softwarebasierter LichtberechnungLiedtke, Carolin-
doepmann_tschorsch_2018.pdf.jpg2018CircuitStart: A Slow Start For Multi-Hop Anonymity SystemsDöpmann, Christoph; Tschorsch, Florian-
bischoff_etal_2017.pdf.jpg2017City-wide shared taxis: a simulation study in BerlinBischoff, Joschka; Maciejewski, Michał; Nagel, Kai-
werner_ecaade2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017A cloud recycling lightWerner, Liss C.-
10_Seboek.pdf.jpg2016Coding policy influence with ATLAS.tiSebök, Miklós-
2018_beckmann_et-al.pdf.jpg2018Coexisting graphical and structured textual representations of requirementsBeckmann, Martin; Reuter, Christian; Vogelsang, Andreas-
19.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2014Combining Higher Order Reflections with Diffractions without Explosion of Computation Time: The Sound Particle Radiosity MethodPohl, Alexander; Stephenson, Uwe M-
Community_spaces.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2015Community spaces-Harnack, Maren; Haumann, Sebastian; Berkemann, Karin; Tvrtkovic, Mario; Wolf, Tobias Michael; Herold, Stephanie
17.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2014Comparison of a 2D- and 3D-Based Graphical User Interface for Localization Listening TestsSchoeffler, Michael; Westphal, Susanne; Adami, Alexander; Bayerlein, Harald; Herre, Jürgen-
4.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2014A Comparison Of Late Lateral Energy (GLL) and Lateral Energy Fraction (LF) Measurements Using a Spherical Microphone Array and Conventional MethodsDick, David A; Vigeant, Michelle C-
22.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2014Comparison of Spatial Audio Techniques for Use in Stage Acoustic Laboratory ExperimentsLaird, Iain; Murphy, Damian; Chapman, Paul-
Composable_local.pdf.jpg2011Composable local memory organisation for streaming applications on embedded MPSoCsAmbrose, Jude; Molnos, Anca; Nelson, Andrew; Cotofana, Sorin; Goossens, Kees; Juurlink, Ben-
marchal_nagel_2005.pdf.jpg2005Computation of Location Choice of Secondary Activities in Transportation Todels with Cooperative AgentsMarchal, Fabrice; Nagel, Kai-
04_Friese.pdf.jpg2016Computer-assisted grounded theory analysis with ATLAS.tiFriese, Susanne-
yusof_et-al.pdf.jpg2013A conceptual sustainable domain value stream mapping framework for manufacturingYusof, Noordin Mohd; Saman, Muhamad Zameri Mat; Kasava, Nithia Kumar-
Boit_etal_NANOTS2015.pdf.jpg2015Contactless visible light probing for nanoscale ICs through 10 μm bulk siliconBoit, Christian; Lohrke, Heiko; Scholz, Philipp; Beyreuther, Anne; Kerst, Uwe; Iwaki, Y.-
10_banda_5125.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2014Continuing Professional Development through Sustainable In-service Teacher Training System in Kenya, Malawi and ZambiaBanda, Benson-