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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
2017Cutting simulation with consideration of the material hardening in the Shear Zone of AISI1045Uhlmann, E.; Henze, S.; Brömmelhoff, K.; Reimers, W.-
Loglisci_etal.pdf.jpg2013Cutting tool manufacturing: a sustainability perspectiveLoglisci, Giovanni; Priarone, Paolo Claudio; Settineri, Luca-
schulz-etal_ecaade2018.pdf.jpg2018Data Flow – a GIS based interactive planning tool for educational facilitiesSchulz, Daniel; Reiter, Felix; Metche, Alexander; Werner, Liss C.-
05_kornberger_4417.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2014Decoding Privacy – An Anthropological Study of the Privacy Concept in Mobile Software DevelopmentKornberger, Tanja-
15_ahmad_5127.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2014Defining Professional Communication Skills for Malaysian Gradu­ates: Looking at trustworthinessAhmad-Tajuddin, Azza J.-
23.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2014Dependency of the Finite-Impulse-Response-Based Head-Related Impulse Response Model on Filter OrderZhang, Jian; Xu, Chundong; Xia, Risheng; Li, Junfeng; Yan, Yonghong-
schultz_etal_2013.pdf.jpg2013Derivation of IIR prefilters for soundfield synthesis using linear secondary source distributionsSchultz, Frank; Erbes, Vera; Spors, Sascha; Weinzierl, Stefan-
habermann2014.pdf.jpg2014Design and Implementation of a High-Throughput CABAC Hardware Accelerator for the HEVC DecoderHabermann, Philipp-
2017Design of a test environment for planning and interaction with virtual production processesBuchholz, Christian; Kind, Simon; Stark, Rainer-
2013_acar_etal.pdf.jpg2013Detecting violent content in Hollywood movies by mid-level audio representationsAcar, Esra; Hopfgartner, Frank; Alyabrak, Sahin-
jaenicke_etal.pdf.jpg2013Development of 3D human intestinal equivalents for substance testing in microliter-scale on a multi-organ-chipJaenicke, Annika; Tordy, Dominique; Groeber, Florian; Hansmann, Jan; Nietzer, Sarah; Tripp, Carolin; Walles, Heike; Lauster, Roland; Marx, Uwe-
tannenberger_etal_2017.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2017Development of a swirl-stabilized H2/O2 combustion system under humidified conditionsTanneberger, Tom; Schimek, Sebastian; Kossatz, Max; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis-
gunadi_etal_2014.pdf.jpg2014Distributed enterprise search using software agentsGunadi, Erwin; Meder, Michael; Plumbaum, Till; Scheel, Christian; Hopfgartner, Frank; Albayrak, Sahin-
2007Distributed intelligence in pedestrian simulationsCavens, Duncan; Gloor, Christian; Illenberger, Johannes; Lange, Eckart; Nagel, Kai; Schmid, W. A.-
03_Staehler_Taylor.pdf.jpg2016Documents and "their" actorsStähler, Tobias; Taylor, Trynitie-
kulatunga_etal.pdf.jpg2013Drivers and barriers to implement sustainable manufacturing concepts in Sri Lankan manufacturing sectorKulatunga, Asela K.; Jayatilaka, P. R.; Jayawickrama, Malan-
materne_etal.pdf.jpg2013Dynamic culture of human liver equivalents inside a micro-bioreactor for long-term substance testingMaterne, Eva-Maria; Wagner, Ilka; Frädrich, Caroline; Süßbier, Ute; Horland, Reyk; Hoffmann, Silke; Brincker, Sven; Lorenz, Alexandra; Gruchow, Matthias; Sonntag, Frank; Klotzbach, Udo; Lauster, Roland; Marx, Uwe-
2017Dynamical fatigue behavior of additive manufactured products for a fundamental life cycle approachUhlmann, Eckart; Fleck, Claudia; Gerlitzky, Georg; Faltin, Fabian-
ammon_cephad2010.pdf.jpg2010Dynamics of architectural design : a position paperAmmon, Sabine-
vuksanović_et-al.pdf.jpg2012Dynamics of large-scale neuronal networks of the human cortex functional connectivityVuksanović, Vesna; Hövel, Philipp-