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Dokument_10.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2007Synthese, Charakterisierung und Eigenschaften von Oktaaza- und TetraazamakrozyklenKuse, Katharina-Maria-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2010Synthese, Derivatisierung und Komplexierung fünfzähniger ChelatligandenLeopold, Stefan-
Dokument_16.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2003Synthese, Eigenschaften und Heterogenisierung von donorstabilisierten OrganoaluminiumverbindungenDechert, Sebastian-
Dokument_30.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2009Synthese, Kristallstruktur und Eigenschaften von neuen Übergangsmetalloxiden, -oxidhydroxiden und -oxidnitridenNakhal, Suliman-
zhang_zhenfang.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2015Synthesis and characterization of 8 arm poly(ethylene glycol) based hydrogels via Michael addition or click chemistry for biomedical applicationsZhang, Zhenfang-
nong_hong_nhan.pdf.jpg2016Synthesis and characterization of core-shell metal oxide nanoparticles for efficient electrochemical water splittingNong, Hong Nhan-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2012Synthesis and Characterization of Cu-based Catalysts resulting from Cu,Zn,XHydrotalcite-like CompoundsKühl, Stefanie-
mohamed_zeinab.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2014Synthesis and characterization of fire-retardant layers onto polyolefin substratesMohamed, Zeinab Ramadan Farag-
Dokument_18.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2012Synthesis and Characterization of New Low-Valent Silicon, Germanium and Tin CompoundsWang, Wenyuan-
azarpira_anahita.pdf.jpg2016Synthesis and characterization of novel composite photoelectrodes based on chalcopyrite and silicon for the visible light-driven hydrogen and oxygen evolutionAzarpira, Anahita-
ranjbar_sahraie_nastaran.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2014Synthesis and characterization of novel non noble metal catalysts for the electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reactionRanjbar Sahraie, Nastaran-
Dokument_32.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2005Synthesis and characterization of realistic molybdenum oxide based model systems in heterogeneous catalysisBeato, Pablo-
Dokument_4.pdf.jpg17-May-2000Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of Triazacyclohexanes and OrthoamidesSeifert, Guido-
Dokument_2.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2008Synthesis and Investigation of Phase-pure M1 MoVTeNbOx Catalysts for Selective Oxidation of Propane to Acrylic AcidCelaya Sanfiz, Almudena-
tan_gengwen.pdf.jpg5-May-2015Synthesis and reactivity of low valent group 13 and 14 (semi)metal complexesTan, Gengwen-
ochiai_tatsumi.pdf.jpg2016Synthesis and reactivity of N-heterocyclic imino-substituted group 14 compoundsOchiai, Tatsumi-
ritscher_anna.pdf.jpg2016Synthesis and structural characterization of semiconductors based on kesteritesRitscher, Anna-
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2008Synthesis of 2,6-substituted 6-membered heterocycles via diastereoselective RRM and enyne RRMSchmitt, Sophie-
Dokument_11.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2011Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes on Carbon Supports and the Purification of Carbon NanotubesRinaldi, Ali-
bildirir_hakan.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2015Synthesis of functional microporous polymers for catalytic and electronic applicationsBildirir, Hakan-