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blankenstein_katharina.pdf.jpg2019The calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporine A activates the renal Na-(K)-Cl cotransporters via local and systemic mechanismsBlankenstein, Katharina Ilse-
hasbun_chavarria_yamil.pdf.jpg2019Calculative imaginationsHasbun Chavarría, Yamil-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg24-May-2012The Calculus of Climate Policy. Carbon Pricing and Technology Policies for Climate Change MitigationKalkuhl, Matthias-
Dokument_46.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2012Calibration and Multipath Mitigation for Increased Accuracy of Time-of-Flight Camera Measurements in Robotic ApplicationsFuchs, Stefan-
moyo_oliveros_manuel.pdf.jpg28-May-2014Calibration of public transit routing for multi-agent simulationMoyo Oliveros, Manuel-
Dokument_7.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2012Capacitated Network Design - Multi-Commodity Flow Formulations, Cutting Planes, and Demand UncertaintyRaack, Christian-
Dokument_43.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2012Capacity Computation and Duality for Wireless Communication SystemsBühler, Jörg-
Dokument_5.pdf.jpg12-May-2006Capacity Enhancement of Mobile Radio Networks Using Intermediate RelaysMengesha Aberra, Seble-
Dokument_39.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2008Carbon Nanotubes as Catalysts in the Catalytic Oxidation of C4 HydrocarbonsLiu, Xi-
Dokument_42.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2002Carbon Nanotubes: Vibrational and electronic propertiesReich, Stephanie-
Dokument_36.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2002Carrier Emission and Electronic Properties of Self-Organized Semiconductor Quantum DotsKapteyn, Christian-
Dokument_23.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2011CarUSE-MI: Die Entwicklung eines Bewertungsinstrumentariums für die Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle von FahrerinformationssystemenVöhringer-Kuhnt, Thomas-
dunkelberg_elisa.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2014A case-study approach to quantifying indirect land-use change due to expanding biofuels feedstock cultivationDunkelberg, Elisa-
buchon_stephane.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2015Le catalogue historique de la maison d´édition musicale Universal-Edition (1901 - 1932)Buchon, Stéphane-
Dokument_40.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2006Catalytic and Mechanistic Studies of Polyethylene Terephthalate SynthesisToufaili, Faissal-Ali El--
Dokument_47.pdf.jpg30-May-2001Catalytic Center of [NiFe] HydrogenasesTrofantchouk, Olga-
bibouche_bachir.pdf.jpg2019Catalytic hydroformylation reactions in liquid-liquid multiphase systems with polymer particles and without phase transfer agentsBibouche, Bachir-
Dokument_15.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2008Catalytic on-board hydrogen production from methanol and ammonia for mobile applicationSoerijanto, Hary-
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2004Catalytic study of copper based catalysts for steam reforming of methanolPurnama, Herry-
Dokument_4.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2011Causality Constraints in Discrete-Time Filter DesignWahls, Sander-