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nanga-me-abengmoni_leonel.pdf.jpg2019M-Learning in dem fernen Land Kamerun: Chancen, Grenzen, Möglichkeiten am Beispiel des DaF-UnterrichtsNanga-Me-Abengmoni, Léonel-
hahne_janne.pdf.jpg2016Machine learning based myoelectric controlHahne, Janne-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2009Machine Learning for Application-Layer Intrusion DetectionRieck, Konrad-
Dokument_9.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2009Machine Learning for Genomic Sequence AnalysisSonnenburg, Soeren-
Dokument_21.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2010Machine Learning for Text Indexing: Concept Extraction, Keyword Extraction and Tag RecommendationMurfi, Hendri-
Dokument_11.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2009Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Drug DesignSchroeter, Timon-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2009Machine Learning Methods for Life Sciences: Intelligent Data Analysis in Bio- and ChemoinformaticsMohr, Johannes-
grabowski_piotr.pdf.jpg2020Machine learning on protein expression dataGrabowski, Piotr-
hoehne_johannes.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2015Machine learning techniques for neurotechnology with applications for healthy users and patientsHöhne, Johannes-
Dokument_44.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2005Die Macht der UnterscheidungFalkenhagen, Hilke-
Dokument_4.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2010Macroeconomics and Imperfect Information: Uniqueness and Calculation of Dynamic EquilibriaMeyer-Gohde, Alexander-
ramel_florian.pdf.jpg2016The macroeconomics of interconnected economiesRamel, Florian-
Dokument_23.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2005MAG-Tiefspaltschweißen in Senkrechtposition mit simultaner Lage/Gegenlage-TechnikFakhoury, Tayseir-
Dokument_10.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2004Magmengenese der obertriassischen bis unterkretazischen Vulkanite der mesozoischen Vulkanzone in der Küstenkordillere von Nord-Chile zwischen 24° und 27°SBartsch, Viola-
Dokument_43.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2012Magnetic and Caloric Properties of Ideal and Random Bond Quantum Spin Ladders in a Magnetic FieldRyll, Hanjo-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg23-May-2006Magnetic coupling in (GaMn)As ferromagnetic semiconductors – studied by soft x-ray spectroscopyKronast, Florian-
teissier_jean-mathieu.pdf.jpg2020Magnetic helicity inverse transfer in isothermal supersonic magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceTeissier, Jean-Mathieu-
zamudio-bayer_vicente.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2014Magnetic properties of pure and mixed 3d 5 transition metal clustersZamudio-Bayer, Vicente-
xu_jianhui.pdf.jpg2017Magnetic properties of rare earth zirconate pyrochloresXu, Jianhui-
Dokument_50.pdf.jpg6-May-2005Magnetic Resonance Sounding with separated transmitter and receiver loops for the investigation of 2D water content distributionsHertrich, Marian-