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brambila_danilo.pdf.jpg2016R-matrix theory for attosecond spectroscopySimoes Brambila, Danilo-
Dokument_33.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2009Radiative transfer in the exosphere of Saturn's moon TitanHedelt, Pascal-
deng_ying_chih.pdf.jpg2019Radical learningDeng, Ying-Chih-
Dokument_31.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2005Radio over Fiber based Network ArchitectureKim, Hong Bong-
gomes_jesse.pdf.jpg2017Radio over fibre techniques for backhaul and fronthaulGomes dos Santos, Jessé-
alrwashdeh_saad.pdf.jpg2017Radiographic and tomographic investigation of water transport in operating polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsAlrwashdeh, Saad Sabe'-
Dokument_22.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2000Radiolysis Products in Gamma-Irradiated Plastics by Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatography-Mass SpectrometryBuchalla, Rainer-
Dokument_17.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2008Radiometric measurement of thermodynamic temperatures during the phase transformation of metal-carbon eutectic alloys for a new high-temperature scale above 1000 °CAnhalt, Klaus-
Dokument_27.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2009Radiometric Measurement of Thermodynamic Temperatures in the Temperature Range from 419 °C to 660 °C for an Improved Temperature ScaleNoulkhow, Narudom-
Dokument_29.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2003Radiometrische Messung thermodynamischer Temperaturen und Vergleich mit der Internationalen Temperaturskala (ITS-90) im Bereich von 419 °C bis 660 °CTaubert, Dieter Richard-
schelle_henning.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2014Radverschleißreduzierung für eine Güterzuglokomotive durch optimierte SpurführungSchelle, Henning-
Dokument_14.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2011Ein Rahmenwerk zur interaktiven Klassifikation hochauflösender optischer Satellitenbilder mittels graphenbasierter BildmodellierungKersten, Jens-
Dokument_36.pdf.jpg23-May-2008Railway Reform in Germany: Restructuring, Service Contracts, and Infrastructure ChargesPeter, Benedikt-
Dokument_49.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2012Railway Track Allocation: Models and AlgorithmsSchlechte, Thomas-
Dokument_29.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2007Raman Spectroelectrochemical Investigations of Immobilized Redox ProteinsGrochol, Jana-
Dokument_18.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2002Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of thin CuInS2 filmsRiedle, Thomas-
reble_carina.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2015Raman spectroscopy in biological tissueReble, Carina-
Dokument_24.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2012Raman spectroscopy investigation of organic matrix orientation and chemistry changes during fracture healingGalvis, Leonardo-
laudenbach_jan.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2014Raman spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubesLaudenbach, Jan-
Dokument_40.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2012Raman spectroscopy of ß-carotene and CdSe-based nanocrystalsTschirner, Norman-