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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
jahnke_anna_messdaten.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2019Messdaten zum Honigmann-ProzessJahnke, Anna-
b11Info.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2017Microphone Array Benchmark b11: Rotating Point SourcesHerold, Gert-
2018No Free Lunch in Ball Catching: A Comparison of Cartesian and Angular Representations for ControlHöfer, Sebastian; Raisch, Jörg; Toussaint, Marc; Brock, Oliver-
2014Off-Axis Electron Holographic Focal Series of GaNNiermann, Tore-
6-Jul-2017Openness assessment of 132 open source hardware productsBonvoisin, Jérémy-
29-Oct-2018Optimal DC/AC Data Bus Inversion CodingLucas, Jan; Lal, Sohan; Juurlink, Ben-
2018Paper "Size Matters" Excel Data prepared for SPSSMeier, Felix Christian; Schöbel, Markus; Feufel, Markus-
28-Nov-2016Phobos CPN 679Burmeister, Steffi-
2016Pitch distributions for individual instruments in the symphonies No. 1-9 of L.v. BeethovenQuiring, Roman; Weinzierl, Stefan-
15-Apr-2014Room Acoustical Measurements and Simulations of Italian Renaissance TheatresBüttner, Clemens; Schultz, Frank; Weinzierl, Stefan-
2016Sedimentology and diagenesis of lower and upper carboniferous sediments in the North German BasinKerschke, Dorit Ines-
2018Sequencing traces for plasmid pDR111Giessmann, Robert T.-
Dataset description_MATLAB.pdf.jpg2017Simultaneous Acquisition of EEG and NIRS during Cognitive Tasks for an Open Access DatasetShin, Jaeyoung; Lühmann, Alexander von; Kim, Do-won; Mehnert, Jan; Hwang, Han-Jeong; Müller, Klaus-Robert-
AdditionalInformation.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2015Single-channel and binaural room impulse responses of a 64-channel loudspeaker array for different room configurationsErbes, Vera; Geier, Matthias; Weinzierl, Stefan; Spors, Sascha-
Metadata and references.pdf.jpgJun-2019Spatial Data - potential European Key Biodiversity AreasBilz, Melanie-
Masterthesis_RSRL.pdf.jpg2019State Representation Learning with Robotic Priors for Partially Observable Environments DataMorik, Marco; Rastogi, Divyam; Brock, Oliver-
May-2019Strain sensor placement evaluationWall, Vincent; Zöller, Gabriel; Brock, Oliver-
24-May-2018Tempo data from 50 performances of Beethovens Appassionata (Op. 57)Brinkmann, Fabian; von Loesch, Heinz-
read_me.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2019Toolbox - Transforming the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for community-based product developmentSchwandt, Sophie-
30-Sep-2018VComputeBench: A Vulkan Benchmark Suite for GPGPU on Mobile and Embedded GPUsMammeri, Nadjib-