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Mixed‐Metal Monophosphate Tungsten Bronzes Containing Rhodium and Iridium

Karbstein, Alexander ; Weber, Markus ; Lahr, Dominic ; Daniels, Jörg ; Assenmacher, Wilfried ; Mader, Werner ; Rosowski, Frank ; Schunk, Stephan A. ; Glaum, Robert (2021-04-09)

Solution combustion synthesis followed by annealing in air led to the MPTB‐related phosphates (Rh1/6W5/6O3)8(PO2)4, (Ir1/6W5/6O3)8(PO2)4 (a=5.258(2) Å, b=6.538(3) Å, c=17.322(8) Å), (Rh1/9W8/9O3)12(PO2)4 and (Rh2/21W19/21O3)14(PO2)4. Single‐crystals of the mixed‐metal (Rh,W)‐MPTBs at m=4 and at m=7 were grown by chemical vapor transport (CVT). Their crystal structures have been refined from X‐r...

Nutritive Manganese and Zinc Overdosing in Aging C. elegans Result in a Metallothionein‐Mediated Alteration in Metal Homeostasis

Baesler, Jessica ; Michaelis, Vivien ; Stiboller, Michael ; Haase, Hajo ; Aschner, Michael ; Schwerdtle, Tanja ; Sturzenbaum, Stephen R. ; Bornhorst, Julia (2021-03-09)

Scope Manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) are not only essential trace elements, but also potential exogenous risk factors for various diseases. Since the disturbed homeostasis of single metals can result in detrimental health effects, concerns have emerged regarding the consequences of excessive exposures to multiple metals, either via nutritional supplementation or parenteral nutrition. This study ...

Acetylenic Replacement of Albicidin's Methacrylamide Residue Circumvents Detrimental E/Z Photoisomerization and Preserves Antibacterial Activity

Behroz, Iraj ; Kleebauer, Leonardo ; Hommernick, Kay ; Seidel, Maria ; Grätz, Stefan ; Mainz, Andi ; Weston, John B. ; Süssmuth, Roderich D. (2021-05-21)

The natural product albicidin is a highly potent inhibitor of bacterial DNA gyrase. Its outstanding activity, particularly against Gram‐negative pathogens, qualifies it as a promising lead structure in the search for new antibacterial drugs. However, as we show here, the N‐terminal cinnamoyl moiety of albicidin is susceptible to photochemical E/Z isomerization. Moreover, the newly formed Z isom...

Designing MOF Nanoarchitectures for Electrochemical Water Splitting

Zhang, Ben ; Zheng, Yijuan ; Ma, Tian ; Yang, Chengdong ; Peng, Yifei ; Zhou, Zhihao ; Zhou, Mi ; Li, Shuang ; Wang, Yinghan ; Cheng, Chong (2021-03-22)

Electrochemical water splitting has attracted significant attention as a key pathway for the development of renewable energy systems. Fabricating efficient electrocatalysts for these processes is intensely desired to reduce their overpotentials and facilitate practical applications. Recently, metal–organic framework (MOF) nanoarchitectures featuring ultrahigh surface areas, tunable nanostructur...

The Supramolecular Structural Chemistry of Pentafluorosulfanyl and Tetrafluorosulfanylene Compounds

Liebing, Phil ; Pitts, Cody Ross ; Reimann, Marc ; Trapp, Nils ; Rombach, David ; Bornemann, Dustin ; Kaupp, Martin ; Togni, Antonio (2021-03-03)

The analysis of crystal structures of SF5‐ or SF4‐containing molecules revealed that these groups are often surrounded by hydrogen or other fluorine atoms. Even though fluorine prefers F⋅⋅⋅H over F⋅⋅⋅F contacts, the latter appeared to be important in many compounds. In a significant number of datasets, the closest F⋅⋅⋅F contacts are below 95 % of the van der Waals distance of two F atoms. Moreo...

Cable reverberations during wireline distributed acoustic sensing measurements: their nature and methods for elimination

Martuganova, Evgeniia ; Stiller, Manfred ; Bauer, Klaus ; Henninges, Jan ; Krawczyk, Charlotte M. (2021-05-16)

The application of distributed acoustic sensing in borehole measurements allows for the use of fibre optic cables to measure strain. This is more efficient in terms of time and costs compared with the deploying of conventional borehole seismometers. Nevertheless, one known drawback for temporary deployment is represented by the freely hanging wireline cable slapping and ringing inside the casin...

Electrografted Interfaces on Metal Oxide Electrodes for Enzyme Immobilization and Bioelectrocatalysis

Harris, Tomos G. A. A. ; Heidary, Nina ; Frielingsdorf, Stefan ; Rauwerdink, Sander ; Tahraoui, Abbes ; Lenz, Oliver ; Zebger, Ingo ; Fischer, Anna (2021-03-11)

In this work, we demonstrate that diazonium electrografting of biocompatible interfaces on transparent conducting oxide indium tin oxide (ITO) can be controlled and optimized to achieve low charge transfer resistance, allowing highly efficient electron transfer to an immobilized model enzyme, the oxygen‐tolerant [NiFe]‐hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha. The use of a radical scavenger enables ...

Preparation of Reinforced Anisometric Patchy Supraparticles for Self‐Propulsion

Oguztürk, H. Esra ; Bauer, Leona J. ; Mantouvalou, Ioanna ; Kanngieβ  er, Birgit ; Velev, Orlin D. ; Gradzielski, Michael (2021-05-05)

The preparation of fumed silica‐based anisometric supraparticles with well‐defined catalytically active patches suitable for self‐propulsion is presented here. These sub‐millimeter‐sized particles can self‐propel as they contain Pt‐covered magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles, where the Pt can decompose catalytically a “fuel” like H2O2 and thereby propel the supraparticles. By their magnetic propert...

Aufeinanderfolgende β,β′‐selektive C(sp3)‐H‐Silylierung von tertiären Aminen mit Dihydrosilanen katalysiert durch B(C6F5)3

Fang, Huaquan ; Xie, Kaixue ; Kemper, Sebastian ; Oestreich, Martin (2021-03-03)

Es wurde gefunden, dass Tris(pentafluorphenyl)boran die zweifache C(sp3)-H-Silylierung von mehreren Trialkylaminderivaten mit Dihydrosilanen katalysiert und die entsprechenden 4-Silapiperidine in annehmbaren Ausbeuten ergibt. Die mehrstufige Reaktionsabfolge beinhaltet die Dehydrierung des Amins zum Enamin an zwei Alkylresten und zwei elektrophile (eine inter- und eine intramolekular) Silylieru...

A Pseudotetrahedral Terminal Oxoiron(IV) Complex: Mechanistic Promiscuity in C−H Bond Oxidation Reactions

Warm, Katrin ; Paskin, Alice ; Kuhlmann, Uwe ; Bill, Eckhard ; Swart, Marcel ; Haumann, Michael ; Dau, Holger ; Hildebrandt, Peter ; Ray, Kallol (2021-02-15)

S=2 oxoiron(IV) species act as reactive intermediates in the catalytic cycle of nonheme iron oxygenases. The few available synthetic S=2 FeIV=O complexes known to date are often limited to trigonal bipyramidal and very rarely to octahedral geometries. Herein we describe the generation and characterization of an S=2 pseudotetrahedral FeIV=O complex 2 supported by the sterically demanding 1,4,7‐t...

At Long Last: The Me3Si Group as a Masked Alcohol

Roy, Avijit ; Oestreich, Martin (2021-01-26)

For a long time, the Me3Si group has been ostracized from the family of aryl‐ and heteroatom‐substituted congeners for the difficulties associated with its further chemoselective manipulation into another synthetically useful functional group. A hypervalent iodine reagent has now been shown to do exactly that by electrophilic demethylation. Coupled with the Tamao–Fleming oxidation, the Me3Si gr...

Efficient Tuning-Free l 1-Regression of Nonnegative Compressible Signals

Petersen, Hendrik Bernd ; Bah, Bubacarr ; Jung, Peter (2021-06-07)

In compressed sensing the goal is to recover a signal from as few as possible noisy, linear measurements with the general assumption that the signal has only a few non-zero entries. The recovery can be performed by multiple different decoders, however most of them rely on some tuning. Given an estimate for the noise level a common convex approach to recover the signal is basis pursuit denoising...

Editorial: Continuous Biomanufacturing in Microbial Systems

Herwig, Christoph ; Slouka, Christoph ; Neubauer, Peter ; Delvigne, Frank (2021-06-07)


An Online Data Visualization Feedback Protocol for Motor Imagery-Based BCI Training

Duan, Xu ; Xie, Songyun ; Xie, Xinzhou ; Obermayer, Klaus ; Cui, Yujie ; Wang, Zhenzhen (2021-06-07)

Brain–computer interface (BCI) has developed rapidly over the past two decades, mainly due to advancements in machine learning. Subjects must learn to modulate their brain activities to ensure a successful BCI. Feedback training is a practical approach to this learning process; however, the commonly used classifier-dependent approaches have inherent limitations such as the need for calibration ...

Deriving Economic Potential and GHG Emissions of Steel Mill Gas for Chemical Industry

Collis, Jason ; Strunge, Till ; Steubing, Bernhard ; Zimmermann, Arno ; Schomäcker, Reinhard (2021-05-19)

To combat global warming, industry needs to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint. One way this can be done is by re-use of industrial flue gases to produce value-added chemicals. Prime example feedstocks for the chemical industry are the three flue gases produced during conventional steel production: blast furnace gas (BFG), basic oxygen furnace gas (BOFG), and coke oven gas (COG), due to t...

Editorial: Sustainable Hydrogen for Energy, Fuel and Commodity Applications

Wu, Xiao-Yu ; Luo, Yu ; Hess, Franziska ; Lipiński, Wojciech (2021-05-21)


Junk Food or Haute Cuisine to the Ear? – Investigating the Relationship Between Room Acoustics, Soundscape, Non-Acoustical Factors, and the Perceived Quality of Restaurants

Steffens, Jochen ; Wilczek, Tobias ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2021-05-13)

Sound and music are well-studied aspects of the quality of experience in restaurants; the role of the room acoustical conditions, their influence on the visitors’ soundscape evaluation and their impact on the overall customer satisfaction in restaurants, however, has received less scientific attention. The present field study therefore investigated whether sound pressure level, reverberation ti...

Optimization of the Indirect Extrusion Process of Copper-Clad Aluminum Rods by Methods of Statistical Experimental Designs and Numerical Analyses

Lechner, Stefan ; Rœmisch, Ute ; Nitschke, René ; Gensch, Felix ; Mueller, Soeren (2021-05-13)

The success of composite extrusion is influenced by multiple process parameters. In order to investigate the significance of specific parameters during indirect extrusion of copper-clad aluminum (CCA) rods, statistical methods were applied and a central composite experimental design was implemented. The runs of the experimental design were modeled with the finite element method based software D...

Data for our paper "Robustness_enhancement_of_machine_fault_diagnostic_models_for_railway_applications_through_data_augmentation"

Shi, Dachuan (2021-06-22)

This vibration data can be used for machine fault diagnosis. The experiment data was measured on railway freight wagons by our research team in past years. The measurements were conducted on different positions on different wagons running on different track lines in different speed ranges with different measurement systems. The obtained data can undoubtedly represent real-world complexity. The ...

Wissen als adäquate Information

Tolksdorf, Stefan (2021)

Die vorliegende Arbeit widmet sich der Erörterung, Weiterentwicklung und Verteidigung der von Richard Foley entwickelten analytischen Theorie des Wissens, der zufolge propositionales Wissen nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger als adäquate Information ist. Wissen ist, so Foley, eine Funktion der Güte des Informationszustands einer Person. Ein Subjekt S weiß, dass p, wenn der Informationszustand ...