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23-Nov-2018Development of a fully coupled biogeochemical reactive transport model to simulate microbial oxidation of organic carbon and pyrite under nitrate‐reducing conditionsKnabe, Dustin; Kludt, Christoph; Jacques, Diederik; Lichtner, Peter; Engelhardt, Irina-
20-Jun-2018Estimating integrated water vapor trends from VLBI, GPS,and numerical weather models: sensitivity totropospheric parameterizationBalidakis, Kyriakos; Nilsson, Tobias; Zus, Florian; Glaser, Susanne; Heinkelmann, Robert, et al-
7-Mar-2018Functionalisation of pea protein by tryptic hydrolysis – Characterisation of interfacial and functional propertiesKlost, Martina; Drusch, Stephan-
7-Mar-2017Onset of solid-state mantle convection and mixing during magma ocean solidificationMaurice, Maxime; Tosi, Nicola; Samuel, Henri; Plesa, Ana-Catalina; Hüttig, Christian, et al-
27-Feb-2018Present-day Mars' seismicity predicted from 3-D thermal evolution models of interior dynamicsPlesa, A.-C.; Knapmeyer, M.; Golombek, M.; Breuer, D.; Grott, M., et al-
12-Oct-2018Impact of light incidence on acute alertnessBroszio, Kai-
9-Nov-2018The thermal state and interior structure of MarsPlesa, A.-C.; Padovan, S.; Tosi, Nicola; Breuer, D.; Grott, M., et al-
21-Nov-2016How large are present-day heat flux variations across the surface of Mars?Plesa, A.-C.; Grott, M.; Tosi, Nicola; Breuer, M.; Spohn, T., et al-
1-Sep-2015Mercury's low‐degree geoid and topography controlled by insolation‐driven elastic deformationTosi, Nicola; Čadek, A.; Běhounková, M.; Káňová, M.; Plesa, A.-C., et al-
31-Jan-2019Overturn of ilmenite‐bearing cumulates in a rheologically weak lunar mantleYu, Shuoran; Tosi, Nicola; Schwinger, Sabrina; Maurice, Maxime; Breuer, Doris, et al-